No-One Will Die of Hunger, Veep Chimulirenji Tells Malawians

By Tiyanjane Nandie Mambucha, MANA

The Vice PresidentEverton Chimulirenji has assured people in Dowa district and the country as a whole that no one will die of hunger.

Chimulirenji who is also Minister responsible for Disaster Management Affairs said government is aware that many households in the country are in need of food hence commitment is there to see to it that all the people are reached out.

Speaking at a function held at Chakhaza primary school in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhaza, aimed at appreciating the ongoing national food distribution exercise to food insecure household, Chimulirenji appealed to all Malawians not to panic, saying the government has the welfare of people at its heart.

The Vice President lamented that according to recent MVAC report fewer people were earmarked to be food insecure, saying the reports are contrary to the situation on the ground urging MVAC to revisit the figures to reach out to everyone in need.

“Government will distribute 129 Metric tons, about 162,580 bags of 50 kg each to food insecure households in the entire 28 district in Malawi by the end of December 2019.

DODMA on the other side will also distribute maize plus money to households till the end of March next year” said Chimulirenji.

He added that it is the wish of government to ensure that all beneficiaries benefit, warning those who will take advantage of the distribution exercise to their own benefit saying they will face the law.

In his remarks the Secretary to the Vice President and Commissioner for Disaster Management Affairs, Wilson Moleni commended the office of District Commissioner in Dowa for submitting timely reports on disaster.

He further assured people in Dowa district that the free maize to be distributed has already arrived in the district and will be distributed to all the beneficiaries in time.

Speaking earlier, Traditional Authority Chakhaza asked government to revisit the figures of the beneficiaries, saying almost each household in his area is food insecure.

Chakhaza further commended the government for considering Dowa district to be among districts to benefit on the “Once off Maize Distribution Exercise,” saying he is glad that his area was chosen first to benefit in the district.

According to Dowa District Agricultural Development Officer (DADO), Aaron Kachimela over 4,900 household will benefit from the food distribution exercise in the district with 1,000 beneficiaries for TA Chakhaza alone.

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