Minister Against Bias Reporting, Fake News

By Joseph Chikalipo, MANA

Minister of Information, Civic Education and Communication Technology, Mark Botomani has appealed to the media not to only focus on government’s shortfalls when disseminating information to the public.

Speaking at a Press conference in Lilongwe on Friday, he said it has been observed that a lot was happening in the country but most headlines are negatives about the government.

Botomani: Avoid bias reporting

“Government appreciates what the media is doing in spreading news about various aspects to the public.

” We are disappointed that the media tends to overlook positives that the current is doing and mostly focus on the failures which are not fair because people need to know everything for them to be well informed,” the Minister said.

Botomani outlined some of the things the current government was doing that the media could write about such as the internship and community technical colleges that are being build in various districts in the country in collaboration with the Chinese government.

He urged the media to use proper channels and approach the government when need be so as to have comprehensive information that could be vital in objective reporting.

“The media has to be patriotic enough and if there are issues that need to be addressed, the government was ready to sit down and talk,” Botomani said.

Minister of Labour, Skill and Innovation, Martha Lunji Mhone highlighted on the progress of the internship and community technical colleges saying both are going well.

“So far, it has shown that the internship has been helpful economically to the interns and in places where they have been placed as it is easing the workload.

“On the community colleges, 14 are functional, eight more are being constructed by the government and five more are being constructed by the government of China,” she explained.

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