Chakwera, Mtambo Continue To Destroy Malawi’s Economy, Create Suffering And Incite Violence

Destroying Malawi: Mtambo captured with Chakwera

After failing the Election, Malawi Congress Party Lazarus Chakwera and the Burundian Timothy Mtambo are hell bent on destroying Malawi’s economy to create suffering among poor Malawians with the hope of inciting more riots and violence to take power through the backdoor.

Chakwera and Mtambo have connived to incite business people to demonstrate against Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and boycott payment of taxes. These demonstrations are set to start in Mzuzu where HRDC have bribing people to demonstrate.

Chakwera was in Israel to procure cyber infiltration capability to sabotage MRA systems which would follow HRDC tax boycott demonstrations so that the cyber attack must look like an act of anger from the people.

HRDC and MCP have tried a number of times to sabotage revenue collection to cripple the economy and create suffering but failed.

  1. They tried to scare off business community from doing business with street violence but failed.
  2. They tried to close borders to reduce border customs collection but failed.
  3. They tried blocking roads to borders with the intention of blocking fuel and revenue from borders but failed.
  4. They tried to incite fuel truck drivers to create artificial fuel shortage in the country but failed.
  5. They now to try organizing the business community to sabotage the economy by sabotaging revenue collection starting with Mzuzu.

But MCP, HRDC and the business community are all divided on sabotaging the economy simply to create suffering among Malawians as Chakwera and Mtambo try to get power through the backdoor.

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  1. Chris Kalamula   November 28, 2019 at 6:57 am

    Few selfish individuals making individual gains in the name of fighting for human rights. Let’s see the benefits of their fight


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