APM Thanks Eastern Region For Massive Support

President Mutharika addressing citizens in Zomba on a stop over from Chanco
President Mutharika addressing citizens in Zomba on a stop over from Chanco

President Peter Mutharika has thanked people in the Eastern Region for the massive support they gave him and the DPP during the elections in May.

Mutharika made the acknowledgment during a stopover in Zomba City on his return from Chancellor College where he presided over the graduation of the University of Malawi.

For the first time in the history of elections in Malawi, DPP amassed the largest amount of votes in the region as compared to any other party.

Analysts say Eastern Region contributed immensely to Mutharika and DPP Parliament and councilor candidates victory in the election.

“Thank you the people of Eastern Region. You gave me massive support in the election and I say Thank You. We will do a mega rally in the region next week to thank you for your support,” said the President.

APM waves at the large gathering of supporters in Zomba


President Mutharika added that now that elections are over, it is time for Malawians to unite and build the country.

“Let’s be united, within our party and across political parties, for us to develop our nation,” urged the Malawi leader.

He reminded the nation about his message prior to the election: that the May election were a watershed as Malawians would have to choose between continuing with development of this country or go backwards. This was a recurrent theme in his campaign speeches.

“I said it that the election was a choice between development and destruction. You can see for yourselves who is developing the country and who is destroying the country,” said the President.

The State Vice President and spouse; together with DPP’s SG Jeffrey attentively listen to APM’s address in Zomba City

In vindication, since the election, MCP and UTM has waged a campaign of terror. They have been burning government offices, digging up roads, beating up innocent people, torching police officers houses and stealing from shops. Their aim is to create a state of lawlessness and anarchy and prevent development.

“Let us love our country,” appealed the President.

He further said his Government will continue with development it has been implementing in the past five years.

He cited villages as his targets of six forms of development under his administration. These are: tarmacked roads, electricity, potable water supply, hospitals, secondary schools and community technical colleges.

He further urged leaders of the DPP to organize the party at all levels in preparation for 2024 elections.

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  1. Mbonga   November 9, 2019 at 11:44 am

    It’s amazing that Malawi voice has written nothing about the devastating evidence that the MCP witness Suleman is giving in court. Please tell the old senile man living at state house now to get prepared for a rerun

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