A Call By President Mutharika For Multi-Stakeholder Engagement To Develop Malawi Is A Sign Of Strength

APM: Lets come and reason together

President Mutharika’s call to all stakeholders to participate in developing the country has met an interesting response from the MCP.

The first response is that of excitement, thinking that the President has finally succumbed to the pressure by the MCP. Secondly, the response is by all the peripheral violent CSOs who feel like they have finally put enough demand for the President to “talk” to them.

You are going to be disappointed.

To those who do not know history, it is not the first time that President Mutharika called all stakeholders to develop Malawi. He has done so before since 2014.

President Mutharika is a democrat. A selfless democrat who cares only about Malawi, and the well-being of Malawians.

President Mutharika left a high paying comfortable job as a Professor at Washington University to come and be of service his people. First, as an author of Malawi’s contribution, and subsequently in various Ministerial roles till his presidency.

These are not “comfortable” “high-paying” jobs. But it is about service to the people.

President Mutharika’s fight for democracy dates back to the ’60s when he fought against colonialism.

When Malawi got off the clutches of colonial rule of the British, Kamuzu Banda regime immediately instituted the dictatorship regime which the Mutharikas, including other freedom fighters, fought against it.

President Mutharika always cared about Malawi. He always had the welfare of the country at heart.

From the US, together with the late Professor Chihana, they continued fighting for democracy for Malawi. They kept fighting for the destruction of the MCP dictatorship regime that was finally dismantled in 1994.

When President Mutharika took over in 2014, he took over a broken country, and a broken economy destroyed by the greedy, corrupt Joyce Banda regime,

He steered the ship back into stable waters. His focus was on development, development, and development.

The development agenda led by President Mutharika was not met with acceptance by the opposition. They opposed everything done by the government.

Malawi is bigger than individuals and politics. President Mutharika has been one of the people preaching and making a call for national unity, and for all stakeholders to come together. Come together to develop Malawi.

To prove that. It was President Mutharika’s regime that allowed an opposition speaker to lead parliament. A high position of responsibility.

Under his administration, he appointed Honourable Atupele Muluzi as a Minister in his cabinet. Muluzi contributes immensely to development even as an MP from another political party. This is what a true democrat does.

Following his visit to Russia, President Mutharika made a call consistent to his past requests – for all stakeholders to sit and contribute to developing Malawi. This call is about national interests. This call is about putting Malawians first.

Following their orgy of violence and anarchy, the MCP and opposition parties want to interpret this as something that it is not.

Calls for multi-stakeholder engagement to come together to chart a way of development of Malawi are genuine and places the interests of all Malawians at heart.

Calls for multi-stakeholder engagement, more than anything, is a sign of strength by President Mutharika. Malawians should commend it.

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