PRESIDENT MUTHARIKA SPEAKS AT RUSSIA-AFRICA SUMMIT: Highlights of the speech President Mutharika delivered at the Summit 24 October, 2019


Russia-Africa summit is birth of a new epoch in history – an opportunity for Russian to do to Africa what history has failed to do.

It is time to give African people the dignity they deserve.

Africa and Russia have taken a bold and visionary step into the future — stepping on doorstep of change, opening a new door into African future.


Africa is land of opportunities with sufficient resources, resourceful and intelligent people.

The rest of the world sees Africa as land of poverty and crisis. But poverty is an opportunity of investment. Every crisis is an opportunity. It all depends on how we respond to it.

Africa is not a dark place of misfortunes. It’s a place of great and visionary people who know what to do with their lives, resourceful and with great potential.


What Africa needs are strong partners to actualise her development potential.

Everyone benefits if you look at Africa as partner in development and not target of exploitation. Africa’s history of exploitation must end.

Africa can best contribute to the world if we create good conditions of production. Africa must industrialise for it to trade with the world.

Russia should look at Africa as point  production – utilising our labour forces and our markets.


Malawi is on the road to industrialization, a strategy Russia tried and prevailed. Has set priorities outlined in MDGSIII.

Russian finance institutions invited to come to Malawi to finance national priority sectors for the benefit of both countries.

Russian investors should invest in Malawi’s agriculture and agro-processing, ICT infrastructure, transport, tourism, mining, eduction, energy, health….


Malawi will continue to subscribe to peace and security for sustainable development

Malawi will continue to support and implmenent regional and international conventions againts terrorism, human human drug trafficking, crossborder crime.

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