Organized Prostitution Deep Rooted In Malawi As Millionaires Are Being Scammed

Sangita: The mistress of organised prostitution in Malawi

A network of Malawians of Indian origins involved in trafficking into the country girls from Nepal for sexual businesses and operating in Lilongwe has been discovered.

According to Marawi Voice investigations, the girls have a network that operates in Malawi, Kenya and Thailand, with different Masters in all these countries.

After being booked at Different Hotels in Lilongwe, they are now being rented a house in City Center where they are meeting Indian clients.

Our sources confirmed even after marriage Sangita still in the line of work and traveling to high profile clients in malawi and India itself.

Sangita still sleeping with Men for money . We spoke to an close source confirming that Sangita is working and bringing other girls to Malawi as well and renting houses where men can visit the house for couple of hours. The charges are between $500 to 3000 an night depending on the girl.

“Sangita flys into Malawi spending nights at the house and get paid said our source who futher revealed that Sangita left Ravi by stealing over $1 million and doing her business by blackmailing high profile people .

According to our source, Sangita’s main blackmailing ploy is to fake pregnancy and with fake doctor reports.

They are even using immigration officials to have their Visa processed through corruption means.

The Night Queen: Sangita on duty

3 Responses to "Organized Prostitution Deep Rooted In Malawi As Millionaires Are Being Scammed"

  1. Amunye Garu   October 24, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    These Indians are nothing but leaches. They are morally corrupt and their God is money. They will do anything for money

  2. Mahomed   October 24, 2019 at 11:20 pm

    I don’t understand we’re this Indians getting
    They million dollars,
    This is not the first time happening in Malawi
    It’s on going issue,
    Is Prostitution regal in Malawi?
    They are millions of other Sangita in India or Ele’s where in the world
    Who will travel any part of the world to give they services, who will stop them?
    I think the Indian’s in Malawi are not happy with they wife’s or girl friends they need extra service’s

  3. Man Mulala   November 7, 2019 at 3:59 pm

    There is nothing wrong with this. In South Africa, there are hundreds of Indians/Chines/Asians especially from Thailand, Nepal and Bangladesh doing Prostitution in Brothels/hotels especially at Summit Hotel, Royal Park Hotel and Tiger and Chicks among others. These people sleep with anybody white, black, Indian etc as long as you pay them. Black people are marrying some of them depending on consensual agreements. So I do not see any crime in them prying their trade in Malawi. We are living a neoliberalirism and globalized state and era. Some of the laws banning prostitution are archaic and antediluvian.


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