Malawi Govt Warns HRDC, UTM and MCP

By Chikondi Chimala

HRDC officials: Warned

Government has warned the Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC), the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and the UTM against attempts to take over government illegally.

Addressing the press in Lilongwe Friday, three Cabinet Ministers led by Information Minister who is also Government Spokesperson, Mark Botomani, said government had uncovered information that the HRDC, MCP and UTM had agreed to recruit thugs to implement a plan to burn markets across the country every week.

Botomani who was flanked by Homeland Security Minister Nicholas Dausi and Local Government Deputy Minister, Ester Majaza said, the plan was approved in Lilongwe on Tuesday with the sole intention of causing chaos in the country that will make the country ungovernable thereby making way for them to easily take over government.

Botomani further said that one of the people assigned to coordinate ‘this heinous plan left Lilongwe this morning [Friday] for Blantyre where he is expected to meet others this evening for ultimate deployment of personnel and materials to the various districts in the Southern Region which is the first target.’

In a release made soon after the briefing, Botomani warned against any attempts to usurp power from a legally constituted government.

“Government would like to warn the HRDC, MCP and UTM to stop their machinations of trying to usurp the Constitutional Order and to topple a legally constituted Government as doing so borders on treason.

Malawi should not be destroyed because of selfish individuals who will not stop at anything to fulfill their political agenda which has nothing to do with the interests of the people.”

He however, assured the public not to panic “because it will not allow this to happen. All security agencies are on top of things and those involved will be brought to book.”

On his part, Dausi said while government had options of arresting the suspects, it had opted as per democratic tenets that the government subscribes to, to first warn the would be offenders so that they stop their ‘evil’ plans.

Majaza added by appealing to the three parties to love all Malawians and not destroy property of fellow Malawians.

Botomani closed by issuing a stern warning saying that government’s peaceful reaction to violent acts and incidences should not be taken for granted.

The HRDC has been organizing demonstrations demanding the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah for allegedly mismanaging May 21 Tripartite Elections.

MCP and UTM have however always distanced themselves from being part of the organisers of the demonstrations.

Speaking at the recently ended United General Assembly (UNGA), Mana quoted President Peter Mutharika as reporting to the UNGA that he won the elections fairly but that disgruntled parties were the ones causing problems.

“Mr. President, this year, Malawi had an Election. I have come in my second term of office. The process was duly audited by a United Nations affiliated network called BDO. This Election was unanimously declared free, fair and credible by the European Union, the African Union, SADC and the Commonwealth observer missions,” said Mutharika in his 21 minute address to the UNGA on Thursday.

“But the Opposition, led by Malawi Congress Party decided not to accept this very credible Election. This is the party that ruled Malawi under dictatorship for thirty-one years,” he added.

Mutharika further said: “This time, they went to court but ignored the court process and waged a vicious campaign of violence in the disguise of demonstrations. Their violence betrayed a desire for ethnic cleansing, a desire for civil war, an attempt to demolish the economy and to make Malawi an ungovernable state of lawlessness.”

Despite the provocation from the opposition, he said his government responded with peaceful resistance and insisted on the rule of law.

He said: “We fought violence with peace; and fought hate with love. This is what saved Malawi from degenerating into chaos.”

He told the UNGA that his government’s peaceful reaction to the demonstrations signaled the existence of true democracy and peace in Malawi.

“We have seen democracy and the rule of law at its best in Malawi. And Malawi remains a peaceful and stable country that we have always known. Malawi remains a beautiful destiny for tourists and investors. Malawi is a beautiful place where we fight to make life better for everyone,” he said.

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