European Union, US Warn Chakwera On Bloodshed

Paesen: Political violence has no place in modern democracies

The United States of America and the European Union have warned MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera for encouraging political violence.

They were reacting to the news of the brutal killing by MCP youths of a police officer while he was in the line of duty.

US Ambassador in Malawi Robert Scott said on Tuesday he learnt with shock the gruesome killing of the police officer in by members of the opposition MCP at Msundwe in Lilongwe.

He condemned the killing in strongest terms and warned MCP of unspecified consequences should Lazarus Chakwera chose to remain silent.

Scott’s comment comes at the time US President Donald Trump has also condemned the killing of police officers in his country.

Trump said those responsible for killing police officers should face death sentence.

Echoing Scott’s reaction, EU representative in the country Ambassador Sandra Paesen has also condemned the MCP sanctioned brutal killings.

Through her Twitter handle, Paesen said political violence has no place in modern democracies.

9 Responses to "European Union, US Warn Chakwera On Bloodshed"

  1. chilima chakwera   October 10, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    People of chakwera and chilima caribre should be stopped from competing in democratic elections. It seems they were used to kamuzu’s dictatorship or else they were under cruel teachers who were beating them mercilessly for failing to incite a chichewa poem. What type of people are they who have always been difficulty to come to terms with a mere fail in a democratic election. They lost and they have to accept. If they want to kill us with the aim of bringing back the rule of terror they will kill us all because we will never give them any chance of intimidating us to kill our hardly won democracy. Chakwera wants to establish himself as the ruler with an iron feast. He is caning and he can manipulate the media to back up his hidden true colours which later on are exposed. He came into politics as the true political servant who could lead mcp in a democratic way. Jzu barred him from contesting but times and the nation condemned him until he gave in. As a seasoned politician jzu knew lazaro better and possibly was not convinced with his fake cv. Chakwera is a deadly dictator and once given a chance to rule that will be the end of our hardly won democracy the same way he ended it in mcp by sealing nkholokolos mouths. Assemblies had been static during this guy’s rule and thanks to politics which attracted him away making a big sigh of relief to the church. He is a confused guy now for he has no where to go to earn his pension.

  2. Awonenji Kwitinji   October 10, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Thats useless, where was the EU when an inocent child was killed by the police officers in blantyre, where was the EU when Billy Mayaya was beaten by cadets while police officers were just watching, where was the EU when the young man from Msundwe who is battling for his life at kamuzu central hospital, where was the EU when the electral results were tampered n changed by MEC, thats total nosense

  3. Ishmael   October 10, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    We won’t stop until jane ansah step down .

  4. TOSH   October 11, 2019 at 10:15 am

    za ziiii is dpp inocent stop that trash malawi voice idiot

  5. tapiwa m. mkungula   October 11, 2019 at 11:10 am

    Which election turned violent when dpp lost? I’ve never seen any election results turning uggly after dpp lost it even after bingu’s death. Dpp remained calm and the only thing they did was to strategize ukumva mbuzi ya kongiresi iwe. Even in the 5-1 humiliation defeat by-elections dpp swallowed the pride and accepted the results in which tippex was also used. Surprisingly calls for ansah’s resignation were not made and all we saw was the fan people had on dpp’s nose. Even you tosh enjoyed it. Dpp has been teaching us true democracy which we turn to ignore. When dpp loses the vote was not rigged…when it wins the vote was stollen. Shame on you murderers and real idiots, light minded fools.

    • Mcdonald   October 12, 2019 at 8:06 pm

      Amazing eu wht s democracy? Whn we deal wth issues dont focus oneside democracy must not b a condom to protect other’s frm others come wth equal treatment there ‘ll b no halm

  6. John Mbwana   October 12, 2019 at 1:48 pm

    These brutal killers and contributing violence should really face death sentence. I would preffer panyero pa mtambo and his idiotic mates would face consequences either should they arrive in mangochi where they will not go back to their nests.

  7. saulo maccarthy   October 12, 2019 at 6:15 pm

    Chakwera and his mcp and the youth league are fascinating. The way this guy behaves is interesting: He never entertained democracy in all the institutions he has been part of, no wonder his legal team made a plea in court stopping the ag and the other defence council not to bombard him with questions on his personal character. He knew himself that he is a tough guy. His fear for democratic elections was revealed at the first moment his party was on preliminary preparations for the party convention to choose new office bearers. He became crazy and canningly intimidated all his potential competetors. There is no media house he had not visited bragging for their 5-1 victory over dpp in the wrongly prophesized litmus test by-elections. When it comes to leadership he is unstopable and he really gets mud at it and he can use every means possible to grab what doesn’t belong to him using hyena stratergy. His youth are rumour mongers who with the help of sauli’s camp miscaught in a deliberate move apm’s am not malawi into am not malawian and yet the greatest scholars plan was to lecture to them that there is no point to destroy malawi because of him since malawi is always there even when we all are long gone. ICCJ please look for any trace of acts of violence against humanity in hrdc and mcp leadership. Their violence incitement is a ticking bomb that doesn’t require handling with kid gloves. There is need to stop the serpant while it is young.

  8. Mcdonald   October 12, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    Amazing eu wht s democracy? Whn we deal wth issues dont focus oneside democracy must not b a condom to protect other’s frm others come wth equal treatment there ‘ll b no halm


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