When God Leaves Men Of God

Anyone who supports the Malawi Congress Party, and has any sense needs to sit down and reflect on the character of their party leader, Reverend Lazarus Chakwera and question if this guy is really a man of God and if he is sincere in his intentions for this nation.

Its simple common sense; anyone who claims to be a man of God would not allow this sort of chaos and devastation to take place. People have lost businesses and property (totaling billions of Kwachas) but now lives are being lost and Malawians have began fighting one another over political issues, issues which the constitution provides the arena that is the court, to settle not the streets of Malawi., not through public disorder and violence.

People are talking trash that the police act with impunity, ‘they are under control of DPP’, but now the it’s the police who have become the victims of barbaric violence while discharging their duties, their houses have been torched and Chakwera must answer the question that is murdering police officers part of the people demonstrating democratic rights? The demos have brought nothing but mayhem and great loss, so after seeing this would a so call man of God deem it wise a course of action to continue with?

Chakwera hasn’t once condemned these barbaric acts and this is an indirect endorsement. Is this what the reverend meant when he said he was ready to shed blood if he wasn’t going to be declared the winner in the just ended Presidential election?The opposition, and cso led demos have not given malawians a voice or an opportunity to express their rights but rather they have just sowed hatred and created divisions amongst Malawians. Say it ain’t so.

Masile Une Wawo, Mdyomba Che Ambute.

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