MCP FAILS TO CHANGE: Remains Instrument Of Bloodshed And Death

Vehicle carrying the remains of Superintendent Imedi stoned to death by MCP thugs

The stoning to death of a police officer in Msundwe in Lilongwe on Tuesday by MCP thugs has shocked everyone.

But, coming from MCP, it is not surprising. It confirms what many have always feared that MCP has never changed and will never change as a party of violence and bloodshed.

In the run up to the elections, MCP desperately tried to sell itself as a transformed party.

MCP followers pushed away any reference to its history of death and brutality by claiming that those that perpetrated crimes against humanity during its rule were no longer in the party. Some had died, others retired and a few others had joined other political parties, they said.

They further argued that the majority of the voters in this election were born way after MCP had committed its attrocities. They therefore could not be influenced by a past they had not experienced.

To try to demonstrate this, it went as far as parading – as members of the party – sons of the cabinet ministers and Member of Parliament they butchered in Mwanza in 1983.

The decision to pick Lazarus Chakwera, a pastor, in 2013 to lead MCP was the first step for the party to try to give an impression that it had cleansed itself of its evil past.

So far, the plan has not worked! MCP has not changed.

Police officers carrying the remains of Supt Imedi

MCP remains a party of violence,  bloodshed and death. To kill and to assault innocent people is its nature. To destroy is in its blood – as the past 6 months have shown.

It is even ironic that the man it thought was the new face of MCP – Reverend Chakwera – announced the violence Malawians have seen with the promise that he would “shed blood”.

In the past 6 months, MCP has demonstrated what it was in the 31 years that it ruled the country. It has displayed its beastly nature.

It has killed innocent people. It has destroyed property. It has maimed citizens. It has organised youths into gangs of terrorism. It has openly hated people from other regions.

This is the same old MCP.

For 31 years, MCP unleashed a triangular terror machine of the Police Special Branch, Malawi Young Pioneers and the Youth League who copied Adolf Hiltler’s “the Red Shirts” in Nazi Holocaust.

MCP ruthlessly killed Malawians, accidentalising them, feeding them to crocodiles, letter-bombing and dissolving them in drums of acid or if lucky, jailing them and detaining them without trial, grabbing or torching their property and hounding them into exile.

This is the brutality Malawians have seen and suffered at the hands of MCP since the elections in May

Twenty-five years in democracy, MCP is still in dictatorship. And it is terrorizing citizens while it is only in oppositon. Imagine what an extermination machine it would be if it were to be given power!

7 Responses to "MCP FAILS TO CHANGE: Remains Instrument Of Bloodshed And Death"

  1. sauli ham'dan   October 9, 2019 at 11:18 pm

    Chakwera is the devil and mcp’s past was preparing the way for this beast. How can a true pastor allow blood shed and killings in exchange for power? If this guy dares to be a president he will surely dance to his tune and will have very tough moment to govern because what he is doing will haunt him in a mirror reflection of terrible revenge and people will not allow him smooth rule. He is an evil man and cursed be the day he was born and the breast he sackled. We are in a democracy and he chooses not to accept the results but, in a cruel way, what a shame? Is there nothing that you can do outside politics? Mcp is now being destroyed by this evil man in full view of its supporters. Mind you, you will remain in the cooler for quiete a long period of time.

  2. saulo maccarthy   October 10, 2019 at 4:20 am

    We will never STOP defending our democracy until this beast sackles the last drop of blood of democracy defenders and protecters. We will never ever back down come rain, come sunshine. Instruments of terror, lovers of no human existence, the vampires, power hungry men to hell with your unfounded claims. Stop cheating your followers that ansah failed you the election. It was your bad history and the horrible manifesto that failed you NOT jane whose duty was to announce the results. APM won the election despite the application of your dirty hands in corrupting the nkhoma clergy to unleash the last minute political pastoral letter to hammer the last nail on dpp’s coffin which failed miserably to work. The party which thinks about the future and blessed with development knowledge is what many liked. We are saying NO to butcherers…we are saying NO to cashgate masqualaders who have temporarily transformed as good political ambassadors in the crocodile party: mia and hara etc. We will defend our democracy no matter what!!!!

  3. John Phiri   October 10, 2019 at 5:31 pm

    Wheee. Which democracy? Yobera mavoti??????????

  4. kotokoto walira   October 10, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Ukufuna kubera mavoti ndiwe munaluza munaluza basi mbuzi inu. Maudindo andale timasankha kudzera pa ballot osati kupha ndi kukhesa mwazi mwamva mbutuma za kongiresi ndi utm!!!

  5. chilima chakwera   October 10, 2019 at 6:09 pm

    Inu mukulimbana ndi ansah because she prevented you from rigging. If this is not democracy is chakwera democratic??????? Accept defeat, ndiye mupha anthu angati masavage inu. Mukufuna kutengera mpando kuopseza. Forget it!!! Inu musova ife sianyerankuleke.

  6. saulo maccarthy   October 10, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    The democracy we hardly won from mcp’s rule of terror after kumuzu became very weak due to old age. This is what chakwera and you the youth league want to bring back. Autocrat chakwera is your true democrat thats why you’re failing to appreciate the current democracy. The guy who jitters at the name of elections, the real devil.

  7. mthalika   October 13, 2019 at 6:44 am

    we know this is the plot of dpp inorder to shade bad picture of mcp,those were the cadets of dpp


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