Rev Chakwera’s Campaign Of Bloodshed Rages On As MCP Youths Murder Another Police Officer

The thugs after being captured

Just hours after news broke this morning that a police officer who Reverend Lazarus Chakwera’s youths stoned during their demonstrations on August 6 has died, the same youths have also killed another police officer in Nsundwe in Lilongwe along the Mchinji road.

National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera has confirmed the murder of the police officer; but he could not give his identity. But a picture is circulating on social media of the police officer lying on the road in a pool of blood and rubble of stones the MCP youths pelted him with.

The horror incident started when the MCP youths from Nsundwe started blocking traffic alond the Mchinji-Lilongwe Road. They hoped they would also prevent DPP followers from the area from travelling to Lilongwe to attend a function where Presdient Peter Mutharika is launching the construction of 250 secondary schools.

Police intervened to ensure safe passage of travellers, only to be met by a barrage of stones from the youths leading to the killing of the police officer in cold blood. Reverend Chakwera has been mobilizing youths from Nsundwe as demonstrators in HRDC organized protests in relation to the election.

Reverend Chakwera has been using HRDC to organize the demonstrations in which MCP members have been looting and torching property, beating up and killing innocent people. Reverend Chakwera’s is organizing this political terror in response to his loss in the elections on May 21. While vote counting was in progress, Reverend Chakwera held a press briefing where he announced he was prepared to shed blood if the election did not go in his favour.

So far he has lived up to his word of terrorism as five people, including two children, are known to have died at the hands of his demonstrators, with hundreds more injured and property worth tens of billions of kwacha damaged. Ironically, Reverend Chakwera is running his campaign of terror while he himself filed a petition in court seeking a re-run of the election. He claims that it was rigged. The case is still in progress and so far, Chakwera has failed to provide evidence to justify his claim that the election was rigged.

5 Responses to "Rev Chakwera’s Campaign Of Bloodshed Rages On As MCP Youths Murder Another Police Officer"

  1. christopher Mtonga   October 8, 2019 at 1:07 pm

    written by a very biased and unintelligent Jounalist. Rember on how you presented the beating of Billy Mayaya. You said Billy Mayaya was nicely beaten, meaning that if it were Billy Mayaya killed, you could have said, ‘Billy Mayaya has been nicely killed”. You Malawi voice thugs, you are full of ignorance; learn how to be neutral when presenting various stories. I say RIP for the officer who has died.

  2. John Phiri   October 8, 2019 at 2:51 pm

    This post has been written by an illiterate person. You want to know who caused the death of our police officer? It is Peter Mutharika and Jane Ansah.

    When it was discovered that MEC has failed to manage elections results the Civil Society and political parties demanded Jane Ansah to resign or Peter to fire her.

    If Peter had good intelligence he should have done it then. It was going to be like “In view of the strong dissatisfaction about management of elections results from the other parties, I have today relieved Hon. Mrs Jane Ansah from the position of Chairperson for MEC.”

    Kapena Ansah nati “Chifukwa cha kusakondwa kwa anthu ndi magulu ena ndi mmene ndayendetsera zotsatira za mavoti, ine Jane Ansah lero ndatula pansi udindo wa wapampando woyendetsa ntchito za zisankho muno mu Malawi

    There were going to be no demos, deaths and destruction. Panopo manyazi akuwagwira chifukwa cha zimene zaonongeka kale.

    This is the sin of procrastination!

  3. Nthiko   October 8, 2019 at 6:10 pm

    Vampire, are you happy now. You preached about blood shed if you would lose elections and your agents are implementing that. If the officer had shot in self defence we could be overwhelmed with noise from stinking mouth PARTISAN civil society organisations

  4. Mbonga Matoga   October 8, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    It was a young democrat masquerading as a police officer who has been killed at nsundwe today.

    Things will never be the same again in this country, what we need now is federal system of government.

    Alomwe anapatsidwa Malo ndi achewa ku mulanje akuthawa apwitikizi ku Mozambique. Lero alomwe amanyoza achewa amene anawapatsa Malowo kuti ndi anthu osaphumzira, anyawu komaso wosasamba.

    Ndechilipo apa alomwe ndi achewa akambirane chifukwa alomwe Sazasiya kubera mavoti chifukwa alipo ochepa.

  5. chilima chakwera   October 9, 2019 at 10:46 pm

    Chakwera is a great loss and shame. What did he mean when he said he would shed blood? He is baffling me, is he really a man of GOD or a man of god? Is he really a christian? If so which Jesus is he emulating? The very same Lord, the true PRINCE of PEACE, in whose name true love embraces us all? He rebuked blood shed in His difficult moments by criticizing Paul when he choped off the ear of one of His tormenters and He even refixed it and embraced the victim with true sense of love we all true christian should follow. When one hardens the neck it will surely break. There is no chewa, no lhomwe, no nyakusa, etc but, all are malawians, africans and the children of the Living God. There are now so many intermarriages amongest us and only geographical location is the only thing used to describe our tribe. For instance myself have most of the major tribes blood in me but I’m called a lhomwe just because my grand parents traveled and settled in phalombe among the lhomwe from theyawo clan of chiradzulu. My father’s father is a mang’anja, his mother a lhomwe while my mother’s father is a half cast of lhomwe and yawo and her mother is a pure yawo. I have my cousins in chiweta who were born from my uncle who married tumbuka woman. I also have a niece whose father is a ngoni from mzimba who married to my late sister and that girl is called a lhomwe because she lives in phalombe. Chewas are almost in every district in the south and are called mang’anjas but, the chewas in central region are selfish because of how kamuzu groomed them. He made them to take themselves as so special than all the chewas in other regions and countries, this is very bad.the division kamuzu created is haunting them now and they are blood thirsty for their on brothers. How on earth can you kill someone in the name of wanting to be a president, the very same worldly office our LORD refused to shed blood for? Ansah is not resigning until proven guilty by the competent court of law otherwise she is innocent. Stop using the name of this innocent woman as the justification to take life, loot and plunder and gang rape. I really wonder if chakwera is not the devil himself who has decided to live amongest the people of malawi. He is so staborn and doesn’t want to listen to anyone even his wife.


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