9 Win In Plan International Poetry Competition

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Lilongwe, 7th October 2019

Nine girls have triumphed over 130 entries as top winners in the Plan International ReWriteHerStory Poetry Competition

20 year old Charity Kamanyauli, 18 year old Chifuniro Khombera and 13 year old Patience Chipsagule came out tops in their respective categories of the demarcated age brackets of 10 to 14, 15 to 18, 19 to 24.

The three have won MK100, 000 worth of prizes whilst those on second and third positions have earned MK75, 000 and MK50, 000 worth of prizes respectively.

“The entries were powerful and impressive. Most girls were able to articulate the thematic area poetically based on their personal reflections on how girls and women are represented in the media. The judging panel had to look at a number of key points to determine winners. We looked at relevance, creativity, style, persuasiveness, boldness, quality and originality among others,” said Chief Judge Robert Chiwamba who worked alongside Chawanangwa Nyirenda and Murhenderhe Dula on the judging panel.

Siula: This is part and parcel of our #GirlsGetEqual global campaign

Meanwhile, Plan International says the winners be decorated with medals and certificates and they are scheduled to perform at the Bingu International Convention Centre in Lilongwe tomorrow (9th October) during the commemoration of the International Day of a Girl.
“We have a number of activities lined up tomorrow and the winners will perform. Once again we are pleased with the response the poetry competition generated. We call upon girls to keep voicing out their concerns in as far as media representation is concerned so that the discourse changes and media shaped stereotypes are not reinforced or perceived as normal.

“This is part and parcel of our #GirlsGetEqual global campaign where we seek to demand the media, film makers and advertising agencies
among others to stop the sexualization and objectification of girls and women,” explained Rogers Siula, Communication and Campaigns Manager for Plan International. “Any piece of communication that denies, undermines or belittles girls’ experiences is a direct challenge to their power to effect change. Conversely, seeing girls and women in leading roles, positions of authority and away from outdated and damaging stereotypes results in a multitude of benefits; for girls themselves, their future life chances and for wider society as a whole. #GirlsGetEqual campaign seeks to reverse this status quo,” added Siula.

ReWriteHerStory poetry competition called on girls aged between 10 to 24 to highlight personal reflections on how girls are represented in the media and demand for change.

Chiwamba: Chairing the judging panel

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