Chinese Ambassador Splashes Beam With K30million Donation For Girl-Child Education



Chinese Ambassador presenting the donation
  • His Excellency Liu HongYang, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Malawi;
  • The Deputy Ambassador, Mr Wang Xiusheng and the entire delegation from the Embassy;
  • Officials from the Beautify Malawi Trust here present;
  • Members of the Press;
  • Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen.
  1. Allow me to begin by welcoming you, Your Excellency, Ambassador Liu HongYang and the entire delegation this afternoon.
  2. I am always happy whenever I meet you as each and every meeting cements the good relationship that we enjoy between the people of China and the People of Malawi.
  3. Each meeting concretizes the relationship between the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China and the Beautify Malawi Trust, and brings rays of hope in our quest to beautify our country.
  4. I want to sincerely thank your Office for the continued support towards BEAM Trust.
  5. This is the 5th time your office is making a donation to the Trust. Last year you gave us K21 million for girls education and motivational talks. This time you have given us K30million, mostly towards motivational talks and counselling.
  6. With the support given, BEAM plans to visit secondary schools clustered in zones. Each visit is estimated to involve over 1000 girls and boys, which translates to over 5000 students for the 5 clusters visited at the end of the year. 
  7. This, Your Excellency, will motivate both girls and boys to have an interest in their academic life, improve their performance and always aim to succeed just like their mentors.
  8. Your Excellency, environmental degradation and lack of general cleanliness is BEAM’s primary concern. However it dawned on BEAM that if girl child education is not part of our campaign then we are fighting a losing battle.
  9. An educated woman can ably take care of the environment, an educated woman would want her children to be educated and be responsible citizens and it is education that empowers women to value nature and understand what it means to live a healthy life.
  10. Through girl child education, Malawi can be cleaner, greener and healthier. Malawi can be beautiful.
  11. Your Excellency, your passion towards girl child education was explicitly demonstrated the last time we met, when you expressed concern on girl’s sanitation which is also one the reasons for absenteeism and eventual dropout.
  12. It pleasing to note, Your Excellency, that you have girl child empowerment at heart that you even proposed to have vocational skills development for girls. I am very grateful that we are in this course together. BEAM will remain grateful to the people of China.
  13. Your Excellency, together through the BEAM Trust, we have educated 1100 girls in the past 4 years. The girls include those that dropped out of school due to pregnancies or early marriages. These girls have ended up being responsible people in the society.
  14. Your Excellency, you may wish to know that through your office, we have 8 girls   continuing with their tertiary education at different institutions as follows;
  15. 3 are at the Polytechnic doing Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship, BSc in Geological Engineering and BSC in Environmental Health respectively;
  16. 2 are at LUANAR both doing Diploma in Horticulture.
  17. 2 are at Kasungu and Chiradzulu Teachers Training Colleges and
  18. 1 at Milonga Technical College doing diploma in Information and Communications Technology.

BEAM Trust is continuing with the support.

  1.  What is so special with the program is that boys have not been left out. BEAM supported vulnerable boys are also doing well and we have 3 boys,  1 studying Mechanical engineering at the Polytechnic, another has just completed his BSc in Fisheries at Mzuzu University and one is studying bricklaying at Nasawa Technical College.
  2. Your excellency, our country is very rich and beautiful. It is rich in culture, rich in natural resources but we need to create awareness for people to appreciate and take care of the resources.
  3. I recall during the last meeting we had with you, Your Excellency, that you reminded us of the beauty of our country and you proposed that we should have a day dedicated to clean the city where you will be present.
  4. Our dream is to make Malawi Cleaner, Greener and Healthier. Thank you once again for being part of this dream, together we can.
  5. Your Excellency, Let me also take advantage of this meeting to thank the Chinese Government through You, Your Excellency, of the cordial relationship that exit with the Government of Malawi.
  6. Malawi has seen developments in almost all the sectors with support from the Chinese Government and we are grateful.
  7. Your Excellency, to conclude, I once again thank you for the donation made today. This will reach out far and will forever change lives of young boys and girls in Malawi.
  8. May God Bless China, May God Bless Malawi.
  9. I thank you all.

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