Catherine Adjourns Mwapasa’s Confirmation As Police IG To Nextweek

Hara: Booed

Parliament on Friday failed deliberate and vote on the motion for the  confirmation of Duncan Mwapasa as Inspector General of Malawi Police Services  following a ruling by Speaker Catherine Gotani Hara disallowing government request for extension of time.

Government had priotised other business for the day including a loan authorisation bill before tabling motion on Mwapasa.

When Parliament was about to adjourn, leader of the House Kondwani Nankhumwa,  asked for the House to extend time to discuss Mwapasa’s motion.

However,  opposition lawmakers, who had few numbers on the day,  rejected the move.

Madam Speaker ruled that Nankhumwa ought to have made the request before 12:30pm as per standing orders of parliament.

Gotani Hara adjourned the House to next week when the motion will be discussed to confirm or reject Mwapasa.

As a way of showing disapproval with the ruling, government legislators and front bench comprising of Cabinet  ministers didn’t stand when the Speaker was walking out of the chamber .

However, opposition MPs showed their respect and  kept cheeringan shouting “Alilatu, alilatu.”

President Peter Mutharika named the interim Inspector General of Malawi Police Service to replace Rodney Jose, who has gone on holiday ahead of his retirement in October.

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  1. august house   October 5, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    The way other things are done in parliament are questionable. It seems there is biasness especial on how other matters are handled eg suleimann and chimwendo. If this continues i think impeachment move will be the only option to bring sanity in the chamber.


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