An Ill Turn Against APM, But Wherefore It Is Incredible!-Father Muwanya Writes


I am of the view that APM is unnecessarily disparaged, attacked and taunted. But wherefore? I admire him. He is a democrat who has handled unwarranted provocations sanely. Read through the tapestry weaving our history to remind yourself of how some presidents dealt with similar provocations as are happening now. Would the attackers of the president have survived the wrath of the past regimes? We need to open our eyes and salute his democratic attitude. APM is a listening president, ready for mediations and negotiations – typical of democrats. 

In his learnedness, he handles matters carefully. He treats people, fellow politicians and citizens with respect. He confers to people the integrity that they deserve. He is humane. What else do you expect from a mature leader or president in this regard? 

Patriotism is at the core of APM government. He is doing what he has been promising to develop the country. Obviously, we should never expect the country to be as developed as England just within a year. Let us be realistic! The adage ‘Rome was not built in a day’ should guide our sanity. We can only develop and improve our Motherland by joining hands with him in development work. Irrational and emotional analysis of things will never build Malawi under APM or/and indeed any other president.

I admire APM. I hear no obscenity when he is giving speeches unlike some Politicians whose speeches are almost pornographic. In his learnedness, he gives out good ideas. He is not like a parrot that is in the habit of spewing verbal nonsense.

Could he be a victim of tribalism and regionalism? Could he be a victim of some irrationality from his detractors? Could he be a victim of segregation based on age or his affiliation to his political grouping? It is not enough just to shout ‘Crucify him!’ ‘Crucify him!’. Like the Jews of old, we can end up crucifying our own Political Saviour. Malawians see good thin.

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  1. Chilima   October 7, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Very excellent article father!!!


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