APM Promotes Two MDF Officers Who Went Missing In DRC During A Peace-Keeping Mission

His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in his capacity as Commander-In-Chief of the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) has promoted two military officers who went missing in DRC but managed to return to the camp during a peace keeping mission. The Commander In-chief has promoted Corporal George Salimu to Staff Sergeant and Lance Corporal Gift Tatani Nkhoma to Sergeant.

President Mutharika poses with Staff Sergeant Salimu and Sergeant Tatani Nkhoma, together with other MDF generals
President Mutharika poses with Staff Sergeant Salimu and Sergeant Tatani Nkhoma, together with other MDF generals


Malawi is a peace-loving country. We are peaceful people. Consistent with our values of peace loving, we have been participating in a number of peace keeping missions across the world.

Our Malawi Defense Forces have performed exceptionally well in peacekeeping wherever they have been. They have proven to be professional, dedicated and effective.

Two of United Nations Secretary Generals have told me that Malawi Defense Forces are the best in peace-keeping. This I can say on record.

I want to commend Malawi Defense Force the good work you are doing in this country and peace keeping missions everywhere. You have shown patriotism, integrity and hardwork in doing what is right. Keep it up!

On 12 November 2018, our Malawi Defense Forces were engaged in a peacekeeping operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
You will also recall that we lost 6 Malawian soldiers. These are the patriotic heroes who died while fighting for peace. They died for peace.

It was in the same operation that five Malawi soldiers went missing in action. Three of the five returned. Today, we are meeting two of the three soldiers who went missing but returned. These are:

• Corporal George Salimu
• Lance Corporal Gift Tatani Nkhoma

These are the symbols of courage and heroism. And we would like to honour them today. They are the symbols of peace that we all love as a country.

I am proud that we have a patriotic military that is ready to defend peace in this country and elsewhere. This patriotic defense for peace is seen everywhere.

In this country, there are people who have decided to ignore all the democratic and legal processes that we have built since we rejected political terrorism and victimization of innocent Malawians 25 years ago.

These people are vandalizing schools and terrorizing school children; attacking innocent people in their homes; breaking cars of innocent Malawians and stealing from shops in organized looting. They are taking away our property.

I would like to call upon Opposition leaders that, for once, just for once, they must think about this country instead of thinking of themselves. The destruction we have caused in the last few months will take us years to rebuild this country.

Once again, I want to thank and commend our security forces for defending the peace of defenseless people. Keep it up!

You have shown that the peace keeping you are doing in other countries is an extension of our peace loving spirit.

To all Malawians, let me say let us continue being peace lovers.

Staff Sergeant George Salimu and Sergeant Gift Tatani Nkhoma
Staff Sergeant George Salimu and Sergeant Gift Tatani Nkhoma

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