Hypocrisy Of Mtambo And His Stooges On Issue Of Justice

When a DPP youth director in the North was beaten up by HRDC demonstrators in Mzuzu in June, HRDC and the opposition described it as justice.

Mtambo actually announced on his ‘chigoba’ Facebook that it was “good news”. “The bad news is that he is still alive,” he said. While thousands of Malawians have had their property and businesses damaged and looted by HRDC demonstrators leaving them desperate, Mtambo and his stooges have not raised a finger. Instead they have been bragging that demonstrations are not a Way of the Cross which you do peacefully.

Today, people fed up with HRDC demos have beaten up Billy Mayaya as he led violent demonstrations in Blantyre. Mtambo and his minnions have rushed to describe this as an act of injustice. This hypocrisy must be rejected by any means!

One Response to "Hypocrisy Of Mtambo And His Stooges On Issue Of Justice"

  1. chilima chakwera   September 27, 2019 at 4:23 am

    This is total insane, its a pity to see even the speaker letting this nosense issue discussed in the house while the issue of dausi’s beating and viola’s hacking she threw them away. She must be silly and should avoid biasness in the august house. Is mayaya superhuman? Why is he treated different from other human beings who suffered greatly than him? Who knows may be he was hit by a stray, fat, one toothed stone thrown by one of his stooges aiming at dpp fans. May be its supernatural forces that wanted to shoot a warning shot. Stop defending foolishness all humans are equal and they have the same feelings.


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