Mutharika Meets High Level World Bank Officials

APM meets world bank officials

Blantyre, September 4, Mana: President Arthur Peter Mutharika has
commended World Bank for its continued support towards Malawi’s
economic growth for the past 50 years.

President Mutharika said this at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre on
Wednesday during an audience with high level World Bank delegation.

The president said the support that World Bank has been rendering in
Malawi is a commitment that World Bank is geared to see Malawi out of
poverty in all important areas that accelerate economic growth.

“Malawi is making strides despite facing some serious challenges since
2014 when the country was hit by floods. As you have already heard in
the meantime people who are protesting against 2019 elections results
are also destroying properties. Surprise to say the elections were
deemed by many to be free and fair.

“The demonstrations are slowing the country’s economy. This is two
steps forward and three steps backward. All in all I believe in rule
of law and peace because my interest is to transform Malawi’s
economy,” said Mutharika.

The president said the meeting with World Bank came at a time when his
administration is renewing some economic activities focusing on
economic growth that can take Malawi to another level.

APM and world bank meet

He added,” When I say economic growth am serious. My country has
achieved macro-economic growth even without donor support for the past
five years. I attribute this success to reforms in public finance
sector. I would like to take Malawi from poverty to prosperity
whatever the case in particular to create more jobs for youth and

Mutharika then told the World Bank delegation that Malawi has
intensified activities that are contained in the Malawi Growth and
Development Strategy (MDGS) and that his administration has outlined
some priorities out of that.

“There are five areas am prioritizing namely agriculture and agro
processing, education and skills development, energy mining and
tourism, transport as well as health and population. Malawi is also
serious about job creation for the youth. To achieve all these I
appeal World Bank to be united and support us in these areas,” said

Taking his turn, World Bank Country Director for Malawi Bella Bird
said though World Bank has managed to help Malawi for the past 50
years, there are still more areas that the bank is interested to help

Bird said the aim of meeting with president Mutharika was to hear the
priorities that Malawi is interested to be helped with World Bank in a
move to accelerate economic growth.

“First of all let me congratulate Malawi for holding peaceful
elections and achieving macro-economic growth for the past few years.
I can attribute the macro-economic stability that Malawi has attained
for two reasons. Firstly is the bringing down of interest rate and
secondly the promotion of financial discipline that Malawi undertook,”
said Bird.

Bird who is also World Bank Country Director for other countries like
Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania emphasized that her Bank is serious
about eradicating poverty in Malawi through different dimensions.

She added,” World Bank has interest to double Malawi’s energy sector
in order to unlock other opportunities like job creation and business
opportunities since energy drives the future for every economy. We
are also looking at helping Malawi in other areas like water resource
management and human capital development.

“Let me assure the president that World Bank partnership with Malawi
will continue mainly in uplifting the country’s economic growth. I am
happy that the country has made some strides in other areas like
education, agriculture among other important sectors.

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  1. Pitala Wachisanu   September 4, 2019 at 8:52 pm

    Aphwawo amalemu ngwazi, dzikoli silanu. Kuno kulibe ntchito, achinyamata akuvutika. Prosperity muyambe lelo? Zaka zonsezi munalikuti? Ndiponso Mchacha sangatithandize. Kapumene ndi mayi ansah. Mwalephela! Rural folks may not know it but the world does. Boma kuti woyolo!


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