President Mutharika meeting , FAM, Bullets and Nyerere officials

Good afternoon and welcome to Sanjika Palace.

Please feel at home. For those who don’t know, I like sports. Specifically, I like football.

In fact, Sports is an important discipline of life. It teaches us team work, concentration, determination and setting goals.

No wonder, footballers are some of the best achievers in the world.

I would like to encourage you to work hard and put Malawi on the map for good reasons. As footballers, you are the flag bearers of your country.

Many people want to make Malawi known to the world for negative reasons.

But I urge you to love your country. You must bear the flag of your country with pride for good reasons.

As Government, I pledge that we will always be there to support you. Count on my support at all times.

I am aware that you have many challenges. Let us always try to face our challenges as a team. You must think of Government as one of your team members.

Time for group photo

Whenever you have challenges you cannot face alone, consult with the Sports Council and the Ministry. We will always be listening.

My Government will always support football. That is why I decided to construct the stadiums for Bullets and Wanderers.

I know there are people who are opposed to this development. But these are people who do not wish you well. So, let us ignore them.

We cannot build these stadiums in one day. But we will build them, and soon for that matter.

The question of why Government is constructing stadiums to private clubs does not arise. My answer to this criticism is that we are developing football in this country. Besides, these stadiums will always be used and enjoyed by the public.

Let me urge Malawians to take into the spirit of contributing to the development of football in the country. I call upon the private sector to support Government in developing football in the country.

To managers of football in the country, I have a few words for you.

I would like to commend you for cultivating discipline in your supporters. We have seen a remarkable decline in football hooliganism and violence.

When it comes to taming violence and disciplining your followers, you are doing far much better than political leaders in this country. Well done!

I also want to commend you for taking the route of commercializing sports. That is the way to go!

But let me also urge you to put the life and welfare of your players first. Always allow your players, especially the young ones, to continue with their education.

I know football managers who take youthful players from their homes, take them out of school and bring them to Blantyre or Lilongwe only for them to get stranded. This practice must stop.

Also make sure that your players are always disciplined. Football thrives with education and discipline. It is always nice to have players who are educated and are disciplined. That is how we can put Malawi on the map with football.

Once again, I thank you for coming to visit me

Thank you

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