Castel Malawi Has Itself To Blame-Not DPP

Every time there are lay offs at Castel (formerly Carlsberg) Malawi people are quick to point fingers at govt and accuse DPP for a bad economic environment. Mxii. Za mkutu basi.

The truth is that they’re struggling because of poor quality products and poor management. Remember what they did to our beloved Carlsberg Green? Mowa kumachita kutsegula mmimba and the taste is just as bad. What about SOBO squash? How many times has The Malawi Bureau of Standards banned it the past two years? Add this to the fact that competition is now very tight, how can such a company post profits? Malawi is no longer that country where only the elite had access to foreign beer brands – pano Castle amapezeka olo ku Pa Kabila and Central TV. Castel is also failing to keep up with those single use plastic bottled drinks like Thumbs up and Frozy. And as if that’s not enough you rarely find their products on the market these days.

And in case some of you don’t know, Castel has changed Managing Directors TWICE and Commercial Directors THREE TIMES in just under 2 years. Their management isn’t given enough time to strategize and put their plans into locomotion. What can an MD achieve in a few months? Their failure has got nothing to do with the Government but everything to do with poor management in the company itself.

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