Much Ado About Nothing


The backlash the honorary doctorate degree Dr Walter Nyamilandu has received has revealed the vanity and the stubbornness of the colonised mentality that have taken hostage of our so called educated in Malawi.

Their arguments range from discrediting the awarding institution and disparaging the recipients of the accolades.

This is typical of the Malawi so called educated, they would rather it was Cambridge or Oxford recognising some Malawian whom we spent our taxes on to go to university, now serving in the bank of England.

In their heads, the standards for such institutions should measure up to some vague code established by the west.

The institution that has recognized Dr Walter Nyamilandu might have its inadequacies but that conclusion should not be arrived at by comparing with Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Yale or any such renowned western universities.

Let us face facts, we are all Malawians here, we love education. We accumulate papers to warn benches in high offices. Most of them have gone to the grave unused only bragged about. 50 something years down the line, we are still miserable lot.

Malawi needs renaissance. We are all not educated and have no leverage to call the pot black.

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