Chimulirenji Has Thus Far Proven That He Is Ready To Serve…Mulungu Si James!!


Malawi VP Chimulirenji with Japanese Prime Minister

Malawians, especially those that did not vote need to say thank you to APM and the DPP cadets.

The choice and the support that was given to the current VP was worth it.

The worse case scenario would have been us having Mia as our VP. That would have been disaster. Very bad for our country.

Chimulirenji has thus far proven that he is ready to serve. APM trust him and he is a hard worker. It is mad the way he is moving.

One minute you see him at a funeral or consoling bereaved families, the next minute you see him dealing with a disaster situation, greeting International guests, in the office and boo, he is on a plane doing it for our country.

Humble as he can be and yet focused and result oriented.

Mulungu si James!!

One Response to "Chimulirenji Has Thus Far Proven That He Is Ready To Serve…Mulungu Si James!!"

  1. Majoti   September 3, 2019 at 1:31 am

    Jack, first and foremost you’re an idiot. You really are one, seriously. Getting on plane does not equate to results. Your writing chops suck. Go back to school and lastly, eat another bun 😉 #Chintuwitsa


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