APM Is Democratic And a Law Expert


APM says, demonstrations are a right. His government has not stopped them. People should protest when they feel like it.

He however doesn’t agree with violence and the destruction of property and violating other people’s rights in the name of demonstrations.

He also doesn’t agree that the right to demonstrate is absolute.

The demonstrations that Chakwera, Chilima and Mtambo are running contradicts the case in court. It doesn’t make sense to take the matter to court and to the streets at the same time.

NOTE: APM is democratic and a law expert.

One Response to "APM Is Democratic And a Law Expert"

  1. John W Posoman   September 3, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    APM is a skilled master of law, as we need people like these not unfinished and lovish students lazalo ndi saulo they are still in form three leading childish and savegesh life


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