Grand Business Park To Change Lilongwe Face, Enhance Malawi’s Economy And Creates Jobs For Youth-Says Vuwa Kaunda

By Daniel Namwini

Unfinished entrance to the Grand Business Park in Lilongwe, Pic by Daniel Namwini-Mana

The Grand Business Park under construction in Lilongwe has created job opportunities for youth in the country including graduates from community technical colleges, Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, says.

Speaking Friday when he visited the construction site at Area 46 along the Western Bypass Road, Simon Vuwa Kaunda said the K73 billion project by the Chinese Government has a huge impact on the youth in the country.

“Those youths who have completed their courses in different community technical colleges will find job and business opportunities and others are already employed to help construct this magnificent park,” Kaunda said.

He said the development will change the face of Lilongwe City and enhance Malawi’s economy.

“A lot of foreign exchange will be saved as most Malawians who travel outside to buy foreign materials will now find no need to do that,” he said.

He further said utility providers will find more business and Malawi Revenue Authority will collect more taxes.

Wang (Left) Kaunda (Centre) and contractor tour the construction area. Pic by Daniel Namwini-Mana

China Lilongwe Grand Holding Corporation Limited Company is the investor of the business park.

Assistant to General Manager for the company Sherry Wang said the business park will contain a shopping mall, high class office buildings, villas, five star hotel and conference centre.

“People dealing in commercial activities in Lilongwe City will be able to find basically everything under one roof. This will change the appearance and beautify our city more,” she explained.

Wang said the first phase of the project will be completed end of this year.

“We expect to finish one casino, offices, shops, and villas in the first phase of this project,” she said. Mana/dn/mcm

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  1. Delu   September 4, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Such big projects should be thoroughly designed to be relevant and picturesque 50 years down the line. Otherwise we only wasting land and littering our country.

    Most of the projects are commendable thoughts but not ambitious enough for implementation. We are setting too low and unacceptable standards for our nation. Such that when the Chinese and their contemporaries come, think we deserve lesser quality or scope like what they did at the kamuzu international airport.

    At this age what happened at the airport is mediocre, waste of resources and must not be repeated in an aspiring nation. When you our authorities travel to far countries, what do you see???


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