Two Malawian Cyclists To Cycle From Kilimanjaro To Sapitwa In Aid Of Mulanje Orphans…Arrives In TZ

Malawi’s renowned cyclist Stewart Kambewa and the team have arrived in Kilimanjaro to hike the highest mountain in Africa in aid of Friends of Mulanje Orphans. (Fomo). He will cycle with John Moyenda.

These Good Samaritans left Thursday from FOMO Mangani Centre in Mulanje to start the historical charity challenge. They will cycle from Kilimanjaro to Sapitwa in Mulanje. They will go in the history book as the first Malawians to do such challenge to help FOMO.

The team leaving Fomo Mangani Centre on Friday

According to Fomo’s founder and executive director Mary Woodworth, the tour is aimed at raising funds and materials for the building of Fomo Mangani centre in the district.

“We urge all well-wishers to support this noble cause so that we realise our dream of having a modern orphange centre at Mangani. Give a little, help alot, support us.” she said.

Bidding farewell to the kids at Mangani Centre

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) has been working in Malawi in Southern Africa looking after orphaned and vulnerable children since the year 2000. Over the past 17 years FOMO has established 14 day care centres, currently caring for over 3,500 children in need. FOMO provide a daily meal, clothing, health care and education for the children – they offer a lifeline, without which the children would have nothing.

These ongoing costs are in addition to other projects FOMO has successfully completed, including building the FOMO clinic, tailoring school, driving school and secondary school, which provides much needed school places for FOMO children.

Heading to Kilimanjaro

The funds that are required to continue these essential operations are raised by volunteers and supporters of FOMO, who have been working tirelessly since FOMO began.  One year’s basic running costs are around £80,000, so it’s no small feat raising this amount each year and more for any additional projects.

Safe arrival in Tanzania
Kambewa and team Having a quick luncheon in Arusha
In Arusha, meeting with the mountain guides

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