MCP MPs Refuse To Contribute Money Towards Demos

There was drama in Kasungu today when MCP MPs refused to contribute money towards the violent demonstrations scheduled for next week.

The MPs said the party is wasting time organizing violent demonstrations on the election results instead of investing its energies in helping to develop the country.

The MPs told MCP Youth Director Richard Chimwendo Banda that they would not contribute any money.

At the meeting one of the anti-demonstrations MPs Mike Bango said it is high time the party concentrated on development of the nation rather fomenting anarchy.

Bango’s remark did not go down well with Chimwendo Banda. He charged at Bango and snatched the microphone from him, disrupting him from his speech.

Chimwendo told every MP to contribute money and mobilize their constituents to join the demostrations which he said have the blessings of the party’s leader Lazarus Chakwera.

But his call fell on deaf ears. The MPs on the side of Bango insisted they would have nothing to do with the demonstrations. They insisted they would not contribute even a tambala of their money for the demonstrations.

They walked away from the meeting while branding Chimwendo as unpatriotic to the country.

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