Hypocrite Chakwera Tries To Cover Up MCP Youths’ Terror Of Petrol Bombings With Senseless Press Statement

A depiction of MCP's violent reaction to all elections
A depiction of MCP’s violent reaction to all elections

Outgoing MCP President Lazarus Chakwera has been caught pants down trying to cover up the evils that Malawi Congress Party youths have been doing in acts of petrol bombing.

  1. In his misguided statement he has alleged that cadets are responsible for misfortunes met by MCP and its officials. This is being said before he receives a report from the Police.
  2. He tries to hide his fears and desperation through a fake praising of the country’s defense force. Everyone can hear it loud in his voice and see it in his words that he has nowhere to run to and would hope that MDF is his solace.
  3. He has deliberately failed to talk about violence that the demostrators have perpetrated in the streets of Malawi.
  4. As a party president whose campaign was premised on Hi5 that included respect of the rule of law, Chakwera should have realized that the assertion that Justice Jane Ansah mismanaged elections are just allegations and using them as a basis for demostrators to push her to resign is tantamount to mob justice.
  5. DPP had its head quarters petrol bombed and he has decided not to talk about it.
  6. Calling the state president Prof APM “Mr Mutharika” just exposed his rudeness something that is not expected from a Reverend. It further exposes him a jealous crook since he expects people to address him as ‘Doctor Chakwera’ yet he doesn’t want to rightfully address those educated and exposed than him.
  7. Chakwera has also exposed himself as the owner of the script that HRDC is using in the series of riots. The tone and the desperation coming out of the statement confirms this truth that Mtambo has been working on the riots being sent by the masterminder of them – ‘Reverend Chakwera’. His very call for bloodshed in May still worries many stakeholders both local and international.

My fellow Malawians, let me conclude this by giving you who Chakwera really is as revealed from his lame press conference;

▪He is a hypocrite. He wants to pretend as though he never unleashed his MCP Youths to express their electoral anger through terror and bloodshed.

▪He is a failure and a confusionist — he would like to see political tension further heightened in Malawi when all peace-loving Malawians would expect unifying and sober statements from him.

▪Finally, the former president of a church is very tribal. This is why he doesn’t seem to come to terms that someone else belonging to a tribe other than his was voted in as Head of State.

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