Malawi’s Elections Case Adjourned To 3rd September

The constitutional court sitting in Lilongwe has adjourned the elections case to 3rd September 2019.

According to agreed schedule which was discussed and agreed during the scheduling conference,the trial will be held in phases. The first phase which has ended today Friday 23 August 2019 was for 12 days but the court sat for 11 days due to an appeal of the earlier ruling that the court made.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leading counsel Mordecai Msiska is on record to have said the case might end in 2025 something that has sent shivers to MCP supporters.

It’s still not clear where the two parties UTM and MCP will get funds for a trial that will obviously take years to conclude.

Meanwhile UTM is yet to pay it’s monitors for the services they rendered to it during the May 21 general elections.

The First phase was a walk over for the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale and his team as arguments from UTMs’ Saulos Chilima and Mariam Gwalidi exposed that their argument to nullify the election is based on social media mongering.

3 Responses to "Malawi’s Elections Case Adjourned To 3rd September"

  1. chilima chakwera   August 24, 2019 at 5:27 am

    social media is a weapon of mass destruction. it can also make someone become a savage if acts in heist before thorough consultations. this is how jane proved to be a wise human being because she could not sit down and watch the social media mongering passed by unchecked. she could institute quick vibrant investigations to cross check the fake social media commentaries eg the fake goliat voter scandal that supersede the registered voters, this is how she put herself in a super human class beating crazy chilima and chakwera who think like toddlers and hired hrdc to force mec accept the false allegations leveled against it. its total stupidity and great shame to bury our defeat and failure in blame game. great minds and successful nations never violently entertain blame game. they first sit down and reflect with great wisdom where they go wrong then, they come up with a solution which they put in a series of tests to see if its a workable means. no wonder we are not doing well in almost everything: sports, entrapreneurship, engineering etc. i will only give you an example of big bullets which is now slowly getting civilized. in the past few years whenever beaten its supporters could manhandle everything their hands could reach. shoprite fence in bt was a frequent target of them and refs could not run away from the usual blame game. a certain guy was completely paralysed when one of the demonstrator’s thrown stone targetting a minibus window where he sat hit him squarely on the head and sustained severe head injury with gcs of 8/15 all because bullets lost to their arch rivals wanderers. this spirit is still in our blood no wonder still performing poorly at international scene. wake up malawi and start doing things in a proper way. stop this rubbish of blame game and become great people!!

  2. Nyapapi   August 24, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    Malawi voice is a page for zitsiru za dpp, and I never ever hv interested with it, makape a dpp

  3. Rlpha Benitez   August 28, 2019 at 11:28 am

    But Nyapapi, you have read it, haven’t you? The fact that you have read it also makes you foolish and part of the game. You had better remain silent then we could not have known that you exist and that you are a number one follower of Malawi Voice. You do not comment on some thing that is not there because it is does not exist. As for the story, it is a good story and well written. My only amazement is the two guys in the picture, what are they discussing? It seems like they are strategise on step number 2. Something like, the presidency is taking too long to come to us, let us resort to violence through HRDC. Culprits in crime and crimnology….Lol


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