Fisd Seeks Court Relief Over 5months Unpaid Salaries For Its Employees…As About 20 Employees Resign

Fisd Employees captured during the sit-in

Barely two days after employees at Fisd Ltd Company went on a sit-in in protest of five months of unpaid salaries, the employer has obtained a court order to force the employees to suspend the sit-in with immediate effect.

Court documents in our possession indicate that the employer got the relief from the Industrial Relations Court in Lilongwe on August 15, 2019. The court has ordered that “All respondents are hereby restrained from persisting with industrial action”, “All respondents shall resume their duties instantly”, “All respondents shall desist any acts of violence or acts endangering the safety of any person” and finally “The matter shall be heard inter-partes on 4th September 2019 at 9am”.

One of the employees said it is shocking that the employer has decided to take the court route instead of addressing their problem. The employee added that the action means the company has no money to pay them and they will be meeting to decide on the way forward.

Fisd Ltd Company is one of the promising local companies founded by four Luanar graduates and one of its popular corporate social responsibilities is the Fisd Cup.

The company has hard a smooth run over the years which includes construction of a magnificent office complex in Lilongwe. However, the company has been struggling since early this year. It owes its employees salaries from March 2019.

Due to this, the company has lost about 20 employees in the last five months.

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  1. Mwana wa adadi   August 16, 2019 at 3:45 am

    Ndiye anthu akudya chani? Nanga rent, transport, school fees, dependents, …. Morden day slavery. From beggars and borrowers of FISD to slaves of FISD. LORD have mercy on your children.


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