Nsanje To Become A City Soon-Govt

By Martin Chiwanda

Nsanje, August 13, Mana: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban development has assured Nsanje communities that plans of turning the district into a city are still intact.

The Ministry’s Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Euphemia Bota made the stand of government known Monday in Nsanje during a sensitization meeting on new land related laws.

She revealed that the district is monitored by planners in the department of Physical Planning and any time works on turning the district into a city will commerce.

“Let me explain here that Nsanje district will become a city very soon. For your information, no one can lease land around Nsanje Boma as the place is recognized as the city by my office. Only people who leased their land before the project can be allowed to renew their leases,” Bota pointed out.

She revealed that ccurrently the department of Physical Planning was concluding plans of turning Chikwawa District Council into a town council.

A representative for Senior Chief Malemia applauded government for clearing the mist over Nsanje district becoming a city.

“We are very happy to hear that plans to change Nsanje into a city are still intact and the works will start very soon. Let me thank government for continuing thinking of developing Nsanje district,” he said.

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