Two Days Of Cross-Examination Expose And Destroy Chilima’s Political Career

Chilima worried over the premature demise of his political career
Chilima worried over the premature demise of his political career

It will not be an overstatement to say that the podium politics of SKC have been based on a foundation of allegations. His main strategy has been to state a claim, say that he has the evidence, and leave everyone pondering what he was alleging.

Then he moves on to the next item. The affected people are left to start explaining their protestations. He believed in projecting the image of an all- knowing and all-present. He developed a very elaborate network and his cryptology in language was his invaluable currency.

Against many he has made a “paleothora” to use SKC’s affidavit language against everyone. Dausi, Jane Ansah, etc. He had evidence to prove an issue against them. Corruption of the government has been alluded to and people are still waiting for the evidence. He allegedly made the DPP win the 2014 elections and was responsible for the strategy. The list has been eye-catching.

However, after coming a miserable third in the general election, he ventured in the uncharted waters of evidence and evidence-based pronouncements. Having first agreed with the results announced by Malawi Electoral Commission, he started the zero-sum game to self destruction.

He put his complaints on paper and swore that they were true and nothing but the truth. But after two days of cross examination, the most outward composed he-man, looks anything but that. He is completely without substance, cannot defend anything, completely agrees that his protestations against the elections were founded in a dream or better still, something he doesn’t even know. He has no arguments.

In short, like before, he expected to make an allegation, and move on. However, the miscalculation is that this time he has been made to substantiate his claims, translated in Chichewa instantly, so that the masses are able to hear the monologues of “My Lady, My Lords, I confirm… That is the expectation”.

Chilima had a vocal following, dyed-in-the-wool, knowledgeable, and believers that he was the Messiah. Every single successful step added to a huge picture of bloated expectations. They never believed that he could be sat down in a dock, and alas, recant all the foundations of his political career.

He has always posited the image of street-smart, composed and knowledgeable. After all he plays basketball, cycles, hikes mountains, pumps iron on political podiums, and the bae, is very beautiful.

In the world of litigation, you claim, you prove!

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  1. Abdul-Hamid Uladi Samama   August 15, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Consequences are waiting for them as first conceded a defeat then made U- turn which is causing all these turmoils in the country. Mtambo will be next in the line!!!


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