Of Riots, Court Case And Opposition’s Cruelty

Lazarus Chakwera and Chilima: The two petitioners in elections rigging case
Lazarus Chakwera and Chilima: The two petitioners in elections rigging case

At this juncture where Day 2 of elections court case trial has just ended, curious Malawians are beginning to question why MCP/UTM chose to mobilize protestors and to spend time on the streets instead of preparing for their court case as evidenced by the late submission of some material which they only brought at the eleventh hour. This Friday, the immediate Vice President Dr Chilima was visibly tense and lost, to the point of not striking to know or remember any material points he had raised himself in the UTM petition to Court.

Again, it’s quite shocking that even the very emotionally touching issues which many based on and were misled to act violently during the ‘peaceful demos’ were merely nothing so real but assumptions and not so substantial and critical to the final elections results as per Chilima’s own admission.

Saulos Chilima, Reverend Chakwera, Timothy Mtambo, Gift Trapence and Reverend Sembereka, have all been going home to their mansions at the end of the rioting whilst vendors and small business owners have had to pick up the pieces and wreckage of their looted or vandalised goods, going to their homes more miserable than before. Rights of the protesters do not supersede the rights of others to conduct economic activity in peace where the Constitution states “Every person shall have the right freely to engage in economic activity, to work and to pursue a livelihood anywhere in Malawi (Section 29) and to enjoy freedom of movement on the streets of their own cities; but Chilima and Chakwera made sure they subject Malawians to that pain of loss — they could not bear the pain of their electoral loss alone but needed more and more people to feel it.

On the other hand the law is very clear: ‘Every person shall have the right to assemble and demonstrate with others peacefully and unarmed.’ (Section 38) But that was not the case with the Mtambo-Chilima-Chakwera demonstrations where marchers were neither peaceful nor unarmed.

Again, the law states: Every person shall be able to acquire property alone or in association with others. No person shall be arbitrarily deprived of property. (Section 28) Yet the demonstrations that Chilima, Mtambo and Chakwera led wrecked havoc on the property of unsuspecting Malawians across the country.

Dr Chilima was busy ‘choir-mastering’ at the riots with sweet songs of angelic accord while his opponents, who seemingly looked foolish and unknowing before them, were very busy working relentlessly sharpening their already magnificent brains to the level of a Sumaria Sword. Now we can certainly all confirm the assertion that ‘the louder the voice the lesser the intellect’ and empty tins indeed do make a lot of noise.

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