Dialogue Is A Solution, But With Who?


The real political power and influence in Malawi is oligopolistic, and lies in the hands of three gentlemen. Well, none of the three gentlemen are members of HRDC.

The three gentlemen are Peter Mutharika, Saulosi Kraus Chilima and Lazarus Chakwera.

Each one of these three gentlemen possesses a following in millions. In the last election, president Peter Mutharika was declared the winner of the presidential Elections. But two of the three most powerful men in the country were declared runners up.

Human Rights Defenders Coalition in the past organised and conducted mass demonstrations, and they were mostly patronised by themselves, their employees and their families.

What’s making them powerful now is that they have blessings of two powerful gentlemen.

These two powerful men took their dissatisfaction in the past elections to courts. However, they have made their followers believe elections were not free, fair and credible.

Their followers have now fallen into a post electoral love affair, and are now singing the same chorus: Jane Ansah must resign.

Even in the absence of HRDC, the demonstrations will continue to be massive. HRDC is just pawn in this game, and convincing it’s leadership is not a checkmate.

The followers of these demonstrations are strictly speaking United in believing APM lost the elections but divided in believing who won the elections between Lazarus Chakwera and Saulos Chilima.

If the current political turmoil is to stop, the focus of dialogue should target the three gentlemen. If the three gentlemen are convinced the court will do a good job, that if it will find Jane Ansah mismanaged the elections, there will be a rerun and a fresh commission will be constituted.

Once the three powerful men in Malawi tell their following what has to be done, their message will Pope’s pronouncement from Vatican, and be sure people will embrace it without question.

2 Responses to "Dialogue Is A Solution, But With Who?"

  1. Citizen   August 6, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    This is full of wisdom and well crafted.

  2. Mbwiye   August 6, 2019 at 6:21 pm

    What chakwera and chilimazi is very bad. Kodi mlandu kuli ku khoti ndiye kuti? It seems we have lost direction. we do not know what we are marching for. Pano pa tikungoyendapo. Kodi what is the solution to this?


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