The World Is Watching- Western Powers Tip Malawi on Taking Violence Inciters to ICC

A number of Western countries have met and encouraged the wider bodies of non-state actors in Malawi to take Lazarus Chakwera, Saulos Chilima and Timothy Mtambo to the International Criminal Court of Justice aka ICC.

Some donor countries assured the civil society that they would support the move because most of them have tried to reason with Chakwera, Chilima and Mtambo to avail.

“Whatever they do, the world will require them to be accountable because the world is watching,” one Ambassador said.

Another diplomat also argued that the international court was the best because if they are arrested locally, they would want to mob and intimidate the local courts.

The ICC is an international court that tries war crimes, crimes against humanity such as persecution of tribal groups and inciting of large scale violence.

Chilima, Chakwera, Mtambo and their surrogates will be accused of inciting violence against innocent Malawians.

The meeting happened in Lilongwe Area 10 on Sunday evening when one of the diplomats faked a birthday in order to call fellow diplomats, church leaders, the civil society and some opposition politicians who are kin to oppose violence from within their political parties.

7 Responses to "The World Is Watching- Western Powers Tip Malawi on Taking Violence Inciters to ICC"

  1. christopher   July 31, 2019 at 9:18 am

    kkkkkk. Written by Dpp cadet, who is not just foolish, but also intellectually cripled…ICC should take Jane Annsah and Apm.

  2. Hestings   July 31, 2019 at 11:00 am

    malawi its our cointry will not toralet cadets and ansah playing cards

  3. John Phiri   July 31, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    You are very silly. The violence in this country is a result of the incompetence of Jane Ansah and supported by DPP and APM.

    These are the ones who will one day face the ICC

  4. chilima chakwera   August 3, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    You lost the elections due to your poor planning and you want to blame ansah and apm. Go back to your drawing tables and plan how to beat dpp in the next polls not blaming ansah nor apm. Trying to force us fall pray to your stupid lies in order to topple the democratically elected government wont work for you utm and mcp youth league. We are in a democracy and political leaders are only and only chosen through the ballot and we spoke and hence no one can intimidate us. You have run out of ideas hence opt for xenophobic mtambo to stage violent demos hiding behind jane’s incompetency and yet it is you who are incompetent hence flopped badly in the polls. It was your manifesto which wasn’t palatable. Dpp has proved to be the only party with a manifesto loved by a simple majority hence emerged victor. To hell with your ansah logo lies, blame your stratergy not ansah. UN also participated in the electoral exercise and it wouldn’t be easy for ansah to rig the elections. You fools you think we don’t know your plan: Once ansah resigns you will continue with your planned demos and if we go for a re-run and dpp emerges a victor you will go back into the streets with your foolish demos. For the seven presidential aspirants apm is the democratically elected president. To hell with your stupid claims. You are forcing us to submit to your selfish claims- mng’ooooo! Democracy has taken its course and amsah is smarter than your three pompous fools who want to rig the polls in broad day light. Mwatchera kumwezi nkhanga zaona.

  5. politucal ladder   August 4, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    Mtambo is not only power hungry but, rather mad. He is a great liar who is hiding behind ansah’s resignation. His main target is the presidential seat and he will be cooled down once chakwera has ascended to that top spot. Even a re-run wont quench his over ambitious political thirst unless theocratic autocrat chakwera ascends to power at all cost. The impact he is bringing in his selfish demos will affect all of us including the demonstrators. Zero aid solely depends on taxes whose main spring are the private economic giants whose businesses are being targetted by these empty headed fools. It seems he is being sponsored by eastern block to crash the zero aid so that we can bounce back to square 1 of donor funded budget which has deadly conditions attached to it. Interestingly both chilima and chakwera are heavily salivating for the presidency and i wonder if it will ever go well with one of them when one is declared a winner? In a situation where we had a re-run and still apm wins surely mtambo will die on the streets demonstrating. He made it clear in his leaked conversation with the dictator that if dpp wins there will be deadly strikes to confuse the government. Ansah is not resigning she is only a victim of selfishness. Power sharing wont be a good idea because this is a democratic weakness where checks and balance are hindered.

  6. Tiona Mall   August 4, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    Chakwera and Saulosi are stupid and cowards. They have decided to go to the streets forgetting that they misplaced their election strategy. They are now colluding to force anarchy in Malawi, stupid people. If they had merged before the elections i am sure they could carry the day but alas greed to over and they failed miserably. I agree that these two leaders should go back and plan for the 2024 otherwise they so stupid that they have shown the whole world that they are power hungry.

  7. big liars   August 4, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Another interesting idiot is kunkuyu, he thinks we don’t know his greed. He was a lebal indipendent mp who joined dpp to fight it from within and later on joined pp and was part of the infamous cashgate and the government that weaken our local currency, silently raising university fees. During bingu’s era which kunkuyu leballed against, a dollar was at mk120 and he successfully forced him to weaken it to mk150. University fees was at mk55000 and their fateful government dropped our local currency to mk850 to a dollar. If you make simple ratio here (850/120)•55000=~390000. This made our university education useless and relied on few books in the libraries and lacked state of art lab equipments. He was cursing on times tv and directed the judges to judge in their favour to restart with their cashgate this time around through mcp. He was busy bwatikaling fake corrupt journalist brian b. Kunkuyu the cashgate you lost the polls period and becareful of using the name of the LORD in your evil plans. Is this the reason your party ordered the youth league to attack killion your own commissioner? Don’t be euphoric and lie to the world that 18m people voted for your autocrat the selfish. Only 4m went for the polls and you managed to get 1700000 votes. Poor stratergy and the combination with you cashgate mafias led to mcp’s loss not tippex. To say you’re loved by 18m is a big lie because in this figure there are babies, infants and in general the less than 18 who are not allowed to vote yet. Inu akongiresi and pp mukufuna muzidzaba not to serve. Anthu akhanza inu opanda Mzimu Wa AMBUYE lekani mkwiyo ndi bodza mudzalangidwe ndiinu osati anthu achilungamo. ICCJ igwiredi ntchito apa.


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