Malawi’s Business Magnet Calls For Immediate Stop To Demonstrations

Mulli: Business is being choked

The group managing director for Mulli Brothers Holdings Limited Leston Mulli has called upon Human Rights Defenders Coalition HRDC to call off demonstrations.

He said the demonstrations pose a big threat to the economy, saying business is being choked.

He wondered the rationale of conducting demonstrations in an environment where criminals and apposition party agents have taken charge.

“How do you explain people demanding money for somebody to pass through a public road? What is the justification of burning government offices? Above all, in whose benefit is the burning and looting of private businesses?” wondered Mulli at news briefing in Blantyre on Tuesday.

Mulli said HRDC promised Malawians that the demonstrations are going to be peaceful but the opposite is true.

He questioned the call for resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Jane Ansah before completion of a court case in which she is likely to be a witness.

The businessman said the action is totally out of malice and bad faith, adding that some opposition party apologists have taken advantage of the situation.

“One of the journalists here has proposed that as business people we need to engage HRDC, please give me their numbers, I need to call them. We have to talk, our businesses are at stake with whatever is happening.” He said at the news conference.

Mulli said nobody owns Malawi more than the other.

Asked to comment on issues that he is a beneficiary of three billion kwacha due to 2011 demonstrations, the business guru said it was a legal matter.

“We went to court after our property was burnt and looted, the court ruled in our favor and it was incumbent upon the government to follow a court determination. It’s not like government decided to award the compensation Willy nilly, it’s a court determination.” He emphasized.

Indigenous Business Association of Malawi IBAM president Mike Mlombwa recently bemoaned the aftermath of demonstrations, saying they are having detrimental repercussions on business.

Vendors in cites of Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu have been expressing sadness with dwindling of business due to demonstrations.

Meanwhile Malawi Police service has demanded an end to demonstration and has vowed to disperse any grouping trying to ignore the communication.

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  1. Citizen   July 31, 2019 at 4:41 am

    As long as the police does the dispersing within the law, mainly Constitution, there is no problem. But if they violate any law, then they will just escalate the situation.


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