UN Condemns Demos, Summons HRDC

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has called for an end to anti Justice Jane Ansah demonstrations and asked the organizers to respect the rule of law,the Acting Resident Representative, Claire Medina has said.

According to the statement this publication has seen, UNDP said matters that are in court are not resolved through demonstrations but trust the Judicial system for a conclusive end.

The UN body said the demonstrations have a potential to derail development and economic progress that the country has made in recent years.

Meanwhile the Japanese embassy also condemned the demonstrations after one of it’s offices were ransacked yesterday by violent demonstrators.

The northern region has been worse hit by the violence. So far a number of police units have been torched, government offices including road traffic vandalised by angry demonstrators.

A legal expert has also advised the courts to trade carefully especially on the issue of granting the demo organisers court orders to proceed with demonstrations when it obvious that they are not peaceful.
The expert also cautioned the organisers that the constitution provides for Peaceful demonstrations and these are linked to theft and vandalism, which could be ascribed to the organisers according to law.

One Response to "UN Condemns Demos, Summons HRDC"

  1. SEKURU   July 28, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    demon at its work.. these are not mere demonstrators but thieves Why breaking shops and steal property in the name of demos.



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