BREAKING NEWS: Tropical Paints ‘Disrupt’ Malawi’s Marketing Landscape With 1 Campaign

Beautiful: Tropical Paint’s Marketing team displaying the banner of this great and unique brand

What would you do if you were a new trendy and up to date paint company? Start off your business with a BANG!!! Tropical Paints yesterday surprised Malawians with their experimental marketing campaign dubbed the ‘Disruption Campaign’

Billboards were placed across Blantyre and Limbe but one in particular had Malawians wondering who this Tropical Paints is and salivating for more. The Billboard, with a peel off winning card, was placed by Limbe Standard Bank premises with the caption ‘Fancy Some Paint and Prizes’.

While at first this seemed like normal trailer Billboard, Tropical Paints amused hundreds of Malawians by offering various prizes to the lucky ones who would peel off the card that was stuck on the Billboard.

“We have a great and unique brand and the most enviable way to introduce it to Malawi is by having such a great and unique introduction,’ says Salmaan Aziz the General Manager of Tropical Paints.

Here we go: Some of the prizes ready to be splashed out to the lucky ones

 Malawi is excited to have experienced such a unique launch and be given an opportunity to know and grow with this hip and new amazing brand.

“We are not done yet, we have so much more to offer Malawians because we understand that a brand is only what it is because of its customers,’ said Mirriam Ntambo the Marketing Manager.

 “Infact the Malawi populous needs to be searching around for more banners and bring us the peel off and stand a chance to win many more amazing prizes.’ Added Ntambo.

The campaign has left many craving for more and asking themselves, ‘what else has Tropical Paints got in store for us.

2 Responses to "BREAKING NEWS: Tropical Paints ‘Disrupt’ Malawi’s Marketing Landscape With 1 Campaign"

  1. Mirriam   July 24, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    Wow…..this is amazing. Go Tropical Paints Go. So innovative

  2. Jaqueline   July 24, 2019 at 6:43 pm

    this story seems like the kind of marketing we need in Malawi. Will surely try this paint.


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