Parenting Programme Vital to Special Needs Children


The Family Strengthening programme of SOS has embarked on parenting lessons basically on enhancing inclusiveness and care for children with special needs in the communities in around Mzuzu.

Peer educators after parenting training

The lessons are aimed at educating caregivers on how they can care for children living with disabilities and ensure involving them in activities of the communities such as education, association and religious activities.

Among others, Peer educators who are community volunteers of SOS have been urged to advocate for the rights of children with special needs in their communities, through teaching parents of how they can identify disabilities in their children at an early stage so that they receive treatment when required.

Speaking during the facilitation of parenting lessons to Limbikani CBO’s peer educators, Field Officer for SOS Alice Chimenya expressed the importance of caring for special needs children in achieving equal participation to help children realise their potentials.

“As child advocates, we should ensure that children with special needs are given the necessary care and caregivers should realise that children living with disabilities have the mandate to participate in community activities other than isolating them in society,” said Chimenya.

One of the peer educators at the training, Lickness Chirwa commended SOS for the continued support inform of parenting lessons imparted in them which has helped to educate families on better ways of caring for minors.

“The lessons are vital to reducing stigma among children with special needs, we have children with various challenges such as psychology and physical, therefore as community volunteers we will ensure that we sensitize the family groups in our communities to give the necessary support to such children so that there is inclusiveness to all,’’ she said.

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