Fyness Is The Opposite Of Chakwera Who Says Alot Of Nothing In Good English


Chakwera: Says a lot of nothing in good English

The question I have been asking myself when I see all these MCP supporters taking a dig at her for not speaking what they are calling good English is:

If you are given a choice to choose between a wallet and the one million MK in the wallet, what would you choose?

Obviously all of us would take the money. Who cares about the wallet whether it is leather or whatever, the money is very important.

That is exactly what happened, the young MP gave the necessary information. She was factual and informative about the bridge. The language used is just but the wallet.

With such a grasp of facts and necessary information, we as Malawians can be comfortable sending her abroad to represent us than sending Chakwera.

That MP is the opposite of Chakwera who says a lot of nothing in good English.

The point I am making is this, if you have an issue with the MPs English to the point of talking negatively about it, it is you who need some education.

That young MP is intelligent and purpose inclined. Her intelligence is akin to that of William Kankwamba. A type that gets things done.

4 Responses to "Fyness Is The Opposite Of Chakwera Who Says Alot Of Nothing In Good English"

  1. Citizen   July 23, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    Hahaha. Why missing the point? It’s only you the writer of this trush who thinks that English can be a measure of intelligence. What people are saying is simple and straight forward: the MP spoke broken English, full stop. Whether the woman is intelligent or not; that’s another story. When you say Chakwera talks nonsense in good English; you are introducing two different issues. The first point is;Chakwera speaks good English. No doubt about that. The second point is that Chakwera talks nonsense. Well that is relative and subjective. Even what you have written can be nonsense to some of us and yet very sensible to others.

  2. Bigman   July 24, 2019 at 11:07 am

    But even you Citizen, your English is broken. You cannot clash an ideology with another ideology. The point the writer is making is, Chakwera is old and more senseless than Fyness. Maybe you should understand that many countries in Africa are now moving towards decolonization of the curriculum and Africanization: including use of local languages in all schools and public forums. This is also explicated in discourses on epistemic democracies and injustices.

  3. Abu Habeeba   July 24, 2019 at 11:47 am

    I know you get paid by running DPP propaganda. Write a lot to get paid. We know what is sensible. Fyness needs good education. She is a case of dwindling education levels in Malawi. You were supposed to take authorities to task in order for them up their game and improve the standards. But since you’re just a Cadet pleasing your blue masters continue writing this trash while Malawi is producing more of Fyness type.

  4. Citizen   July 24, 2019 at 3:34 pm

    Yes, my English is broken but atleast with some sense in it. So iam like the lady.Lazarus is by all standards better than us( myself and the lady). You can be the worst. Writing nonsense in broken English.


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