MEC Warns MCP For Jeopardizing And Obstructing Its Staff While On Duty


The Commission has noted with grave concern and deep regret a misleading and malicious statement from the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) inciting hatred and unkindness towards MEC lawyers and staff that have been going to various district councils to meet with presiding officers to collect information for filing in defence of its action as demanded by the on-going presidential election court case.

In its statement released on July 13, 2019, the MCP is calling on Malawians to be vigilant towards and apprehend MEC lawyers and staff that have been going around collecting relevant information for the court case. The MCP statement falsely alleges that MEC staff are collecting signatures for “clandestine result sheets in exchange for money”. The Commission would like to dispute and condemn the statement in its entirety as malicious, misleading and aiming jeopardizing the preparations by MEC in respect of the case in court.

The public should know that MEC lawyers and staff are meeting presiding officers to prepare for affidavits for the on-going court case. No presiding officer has been requested, forced or induced with money to sign for a new election results sheet or form as alleged in the statement issued by the MCP. The truth of the matter is that MEC lawyers and staff are in the process of preparing documents demanded by courts in defence of the action taken by the Commission in the declaration of the presidential results of the 2019 TPE currently under dispute.

The Commission would therefore like to express its disappointment with this careless statement as it has created animosity and endangered the lives and property of MEC staff. There are now threats issued to MEC staff from several quarters following this very careless and irresponsible statement. In this regard, MEC is calling upon the MCP to withdraw this statement unconditionally or else MEC will make necessary applications in court for redress. The Commission also wishes to state that the MCP shall be held accountable for any loss of life of MEC staff or lawyers or loss or damage to property in the course of this exercise.

It is the sincere expectation of the Commission that all electoral stakeholders and the general public will take time to verify matters before issuing careless and inciting statements that have potential for dangerous repercussions.
Signed this 14th in this country day of July, 2019
Sam AlfandikaChief Elections Officer

4 Responses to "MEC Warns MCP For Jeopardizing And Obstructing Its Staff While On Duty"

  1. pompous fool   July 14, 2019 at 7:31 pm

    chakwera is a very stupid guy and very pompous. he is caning and fond of using threats as a tool to force his way to the top spot. khama lake ndi lopusa nalo. he used the same tactics to force his way as the mcp torch bearer. he is a dictator and the guy who doesn’t care of other people’s right to life. he cares not provided he gets what he wants and is very very dangerous than the former dictators southern africa has ever had. its very confusing to attack mec when it has been ordered by the court to provide it with what mcp lawyers requested. the same mcp who requested these sheets is also attacking mec in order to be discouraged from providing the same to the court. what is the meaning of all this? this is total insane and unacceptable. what exactly does mcp want? they have been violent all along to intimidate judges and they don’t have knowledge to see that this will affect the ruling of the case in either way. chakwera don’t think your tricks you applied at church to remain in power for 25 years without any development and that saw you undemocratically won the mcp top position with the help of your notorious youth league will work. mcp is very interesting and from the elections trend whenever they win in by-elections all they do is bragging in private radio stations and never mention mec, they sing glorification victory songs full of praises for their might eg in the 5-1 dpp humiliation by-election results that saw chakwera soaked in victory smiles. at the same time when they failed in mulanje by-elections mec was not spared and it had a barrage of insults from chakwera and his party as if mec’s duty is to make them become victors at all cost. mcp, chakwera and his constituents should not mislead you, he is not the only guy to lead you and don’t let him crushing this once mighty party at your watch. he is reckless and his time is up. tell him he will never ever rule this country and by mistake if he is going to rule he will have tough time to govern us, we are also tough guys, ask jb, we don’t want nosense!!!!

    • Teacher Mpamile   July 15, 2019 at 10:13 am

      Not as stupid as you. Listen to yourself, who is using threats? If you don’t like nonsense how come you tolerate leaders who are openly involved in corruption and embezzlement? Chakwera is the only hope for Malawi.

  2. Mbonga Matoga   July 14, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    The general election was conducted in May and the MEC has all the original documents that the presiding officers signed after the votes were counted at the time. so what sort of information does the MEC want to collect from these presiding officers?
    Chakwera is right …..I too can smell a rat and the fact that MEC has put out this statement it clearly shows that MEC has hit a wall in their evil plans and has run out of ideas on how to hide the evidence of their mismanagement of the elections.

  3. mcp not chakwera   July 15, 2019 at 6:51 am

    In your confusion you mcp guys want to confuse everyone. When mec wants to clarify facts it´s evil plans and only mcp is the only entity to stand on podium attacking others and those victimized have to remain silent and only to submit- this is total madness. Of course we had elections in may but, why is this laz still fighting for the same poll results? Mec might also have smelt rat and everyone is also in high alert for any trickery mcp is plotting. Who knows may be they are recross checking with the duplicate papers and the presiding officers and mind you mcp is looking for the result sheets which are in the districts and not those in mec´s possession. Who has been empowered to submit them to court? Definately mec and not mcp nor dpp because this is their duty. Stop confusing us you power hungry fools who have nothing to do apart from becoming president. Chomwe mumalota inu ndikukhala president basi, ULESI basi!!! Miyoyo ikhale ikuvutika chifukwa chakwera ndi chillima sanasankhidwe u president, zamkutu za ziiii!!! We voted and the guy with simple majority was known zotinyansira apa nchani? Don`t you have other things to do?!! Whenever mcp loses=mec rigging, of all the other factors that can lead to poor performance during elections only attacking mec is the only simple thing you have you empty headed crap? Think like men not like toddlers if ever you want to unseat dpp before 2084. Mcp is an ongoing thing and is a national party not established for chakwera and his family nor chewas only. Ít was started by otton chirwa from nkhatabay mukumva ma youth League inu?


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