Funding Further Destruction of Malawi, That’s the MCP for You!

Two rounds of demos that destroyed people’s private property are not enough for the MCP. The MCP sets itself to go on another round of destructive demos, this time, funded by the MPs.

MCP and UTM thugs destroyed and burnt down government buildings. The destruction that left government services hampered. They destroyed, smashed and looted shops, leaving businesses without means of operation or earning an income.

In the end, it is ordinary people who suffered. Mzuzu, for example, was without water supply for over a week after the destruction of the Water Board infrastructure.

With the District Commissioner records and computers destroyed, it will be another challenge for DC to render essential services.

Pensioners, widows, and the poor will struggle to get their Social Cash Transfer in the North because the Treasury Office was burnt down.

Small-holder farmers from the Northern Region are other victims of the atrocities and terror by MCP and UTM hooligans. All this destruction was in the name of “demos”.

The past Thursday, however, saw “thief” Trapence and Macdonald Sembereka arrested for stealing UN funds. The money was not used for the intended objectives, which was workshops for gays and homosexuals.

With the UN getting jumpy and quickly tried to block the court case from proceeding, the question is – why? What revelations did the UN fear would come out in court? Are their funds used to sponsor a regime change agenda in Malawi? But I digress.

A few days ago, the MCP looks like a party at its wit’s ends when it comes to party funding. The MCP wants to fund more demos, more terror.

This time, the MCP has decided to go to their MPs to get them to contribute K250,000 each to host more demos.

Chilima seems not to have any more money as well. The UTM left a pile of debt at the Catholic Church. UTM “borrowed” church money meant for church infrastructure development to do the Chilima campaign.

At the time of this article, about ten MPs had responded to the call by the MCP to fund more terror and destruction of Malawi. They had put in amounts ranging from K250,000 and K300,000 each.

The adage says, “a leopard never changes its spots,” and this is true with the MCP. The MCP never changed – it never will.

Villages are victims of the extended destruction. The MCP unleashed “gulewamkulu” on their political opponents. Malawians are living in fear of what next the MCP will do.

The MCP remains the party of death and darkness. The party of destruction and regression. The party of pain! The party of blood! The party of death.

Everything the MCP touches dies.

Let them not kill Malawi on their way to death as they fund another reign of terror. As Malawians, we must reject lawlessness, violence, and anarchy perpetrated by the MCP.

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  1. mbofyeke   July 14, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    will u pliz stupid the one who wrote this article


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