Gule Wamkulu Killed For Chakwera

Killed for Chakwera

Lazarus Chakwera’s violence is backfiring in his own traditional community as villagers gang up and kill Gule Wamkulu gangsters that are being sent by the Malawi Congress Party President to terrorize villages where they target DPP supporters.

Three Gule Wamkulu have been killed while three more have sustained injuries and are receiving treatment. It is unheard of for villagers to kill Chirombo because Gule Wamkulu is highly respected as the very cultural identity of the Chewa people.

On Friday people of M’bano Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kalolo killed one of Gulewamkulu that was sent by leader of Malawi Congress Party to terrorize the village. It was a gang of 15 Gulewamkulu virombo that attacked the village but the rest escaped. Villagers came out to change the Gulewamkulu as they said “tatopa nazo (we are tired of this violence)” and chased out the Gulewamkulu but one fell down and the people of Mbano village killed him with vengeance.

This Gulewamkulu was sent from Nyanga Village in the area of Traditional Authority Khongoni but crossed into the TA Kalolo territory where MCP was trying to target some people.

At Kabudula Trading Center another Gulewamkulu was severely beaten and hacked by the villagers and is currently receiving treatment at Kabudula Rural Hospital.

The people of Kabudula have been angry with MCP for sometime because thugs from Malembo (T.A. Khongoni) where Chakwera comes from also earlier on demolished their community school, demolished Chief Kabudula’s house and hacked the Chief’s husband.

At Kholo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Khongoni, villagers wounded 2 Gule Wamkulu and killed one. Significantly, this is the place where Chakwera comes from but the people are rejecting MCP violence.

The third one was killed at Mchinji where George Zulu is sending Gule Gangsters to terrorize villages.

The turning around of the local communities to fight back shows that the MCP violence has terribly backfired even in areas where people have been supporting MCP for years. Villagers are saying they they are tired of what MCP and UTM are doing.

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