Dear Burundian Timothy Mtambo, YOU ARE A CURSE TO OUR PEACEFUL NATION!

Mtambo: Leading a group of evil thugs

I write this letter to respond to your statement in which you mislead Malawians about the contents of President Mutharika’s Independence Day speech.

I am going to deal with three specific lies that you told, and I will respond comprehensively to each one of them. This does not mean the parts of your statement I left out is the truth, your whole statement is a piece of lies!

You and your Malawi Congress Party Rights Defenders club of Billy Mayaya, Trapence, and your political handlers have been lying to the nation for far too long without challenge. It ends here!

Mtambo’s Lie Number 1:
In your statement, you say that – “President Mutharika fluffed a golden opportunity to insist on love, national unity and peace.”

My response:
Your statement is devoid of truth. President Mutharika mentions the words “peace”, “unity”, “love” a combined total of 45 (forty-five times) in his speech.

In the third passage of his speech, President Mutharika says that “This is the day everyone must show how we love Malawi. Malawi is the only country that we have. If we destroy this country, we have destroyed ourselves.”

The above statement can only be missed by the eyes of someone born who is not Malawian by birth.

Mtambo’s Lie Number 2:
President Mutharika characterised the rights of assembly and of protest, rights just recently exercised by thousands across the country, as lawlessness.

My response:
You are lying that there were “thousands” of people who gathered across the country. Except for Lilongwe, the demos that were characterised by lawlessness were not attended by many Malawians, but MCP and UTM supporters only.

The thugs you employed and paid to intimidate the public, burn public and private property engaged in acts of lawlessness.

In Malawi, there are no “rights” that are superior over other rights. It is people’s rights not to have their lives disrupted by those exercising a particular section of rights.

In your violent demos, you trampled on the rights of all Malawians who wanted to go on about their lives to earn a living to feed their families. Worse, you trampled and spit on the rights of people to freedom of movement, rights to freedom of political association, and a right to peace.

Yes, President Mutharika is correct to characterise actions of your demos as lawlessness. Burning tyres, blockading roads, burning buildings, damaging people’s cars, looting shops is lawlessness of the highest order. Not only is it lawlessness, but it is thuggery of the highest order!

You and a bunch of your MCP and UTM “demonstrators” are nothing but evil thugs! Thugs that want to subvert democracy, and democratic rule in Malawi.

We know very well that you know all your previous demos have had no impact. This time you have decided to hire and pay thugs who went on about terrorising Malawians and making their lives unbearable, and a living hell!

President Mutharika should not have characterised it as “lawlessness”, “lawlessness” is too soft a word to describe what you have done! Destroying our country is criminal! You are a criminal! Mtambo, you are a criminal!

Mtambo’s Lie Number 3:
Our calls for Jane Ansah to resign are precisely because of he piteous handling of an election.

My response:
Timothy Mtambo, you are lying! Malawi Electoral Support Network (MESN) which is the NGO on whose board you serve had an independent parallel election results tally centre to MEC.

On the MESN report, your system came to the same result that President Mutharika is the winner of the 2019 elections. You were only about 2% off the mark with the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) results, but your MESN results were consistent with the MEC.

Mtambo, you signed off the MESN report declaring President Mutharika the winner. The same report that concluded that the 2019 Malawian elections were credible, free and fair. Your signature is on that report.

You started changing tune when Chakwera and Chilima hired you as a mercenary to go to the streets on their behalf. You have no shame! No integrity!

Mtambo’s Statement:
We will be including President Mutharika in our protest action.

My response:
Your whole statement is littered with lies to try and justify what you have always wanted to do – to attack President Mutharika.

Those cowards named Chakwera and Chilima pay you to fight their battles against President Mutharika. You are just the little dog they send to bark at the President.

The leaked tape on the MBC reveals how you met with Chakwera 15 times in March alone, to help them with elections. You planned to disrupt and cause violence in the elections. You were their hired gun to stage abductions of albinos to pin it on the government.

You are nothing but the mercenary of the opposition parties. Your HRDC is nothing but MCPD, Malawi Congress Party Defenders.

In September last year, a leaked email of Chilima reveals how you are also on the payroll of UTM as well. MCP and UTM paid 90% of the costs of the violent demos that you organised.

We want to remind you that President Mutharika is a duly elected President of Malawi. We will defend him when he is under attack. We are prepared to die defending our democracy if needs be. You are just a human; you are not God, Chilima is not God, Chakwera is not God! We only fear God.

So, hands off President Mutharika!

Chilima and Chakwera have taken the matter of elections to courts.

Since the case is in court, why are you then going to the streets to create “mobocracy”? A “democracy” by violent mobs?

The democratic dispensation that Malawians voted for in 1993 included the rule of law enforced by the courts. The courts are an arm of the state responsible for resolving disputes peacefully.

But you have decided to disregard the courts because you know that Chilima and Chakwera have no case. They are going to lose the case. And since they are going to lose, you think it is better that you take Malawi down with you, you think it is better to let the country burn, and no one is left with anything.

This is wrong! In fact, what you are doing is beyond witchcraft – evil beyond comprehension.

You are a curse to this nation. This nation had peace before you landed in our shores.

Enough is enough!


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