Mtambo And Cronies Should Be Taken To Serious Task

The remains of Grace Chiumia’s vehicles


People like Mtambo need us as a nation to be on the offensive against them as well rather than being reactive and defensive all the time. I don’t think it is right for an unelected numpties like him to have so much power and the veil of immunity he seems to have.

As it is, I don’t think he cares the monkeys that property and people’s lives have been destroyed because of him. He believes that if he is taken to task, it means human rights are not being respected and Malawi will lose donors.

I don’t know, but I tend to disagree with the notion that demonstrations are a human right and therefore can’t be stopped even if risks are evident. I think it is bonkers. It defeats our constitution contract and civilisation.

I bet you my bottom dollar, the way Mtambo organises demonstrations can not happen in the UK, he can’t be allowed. He will be stopped.

My take is that Mtambo and his cronies should be taken to serious task. We should not fear the unknown. Fear of the unknown is the weapon of the devil.

The police should also call Chilima and Chakwera and issue them with a caution statement. We can’t continue to standby and see our country and social fabric being destroyed without doing anything. We fixed the electricity problem, we can also fix this.

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