We Must Slow Down And Rethink On Our Understanding Of Politics


The so called peaceful demonstrators torched these govt offices in Mzuzu

In conclusion, politics has made itself the orchestra of our reasoning, the sole justification for our actions and the force in our motive. We are now bruised, weak and divided.

Politics has unceremoniously forced it’s way into things that bind and hold us together. And it does not fortify them, it motifies them. Politics does not pacify our judgment, it passifies it. It does not liberate our reasoning, it rebels against it. And we continue to be a people stuck in the mud of emptiness. Our very own energetic population is incancerated in the shambols of fights that don’t change their status.

We are a people who are driven by logically devised mannacles of lawlessness. Our people fight against one another. We burn down social institutions whose very philosophy of existence is to help us.

We have been indoctrinated to believe Justice is not found in courts, they say its oracle is in streets. And in streets, Justice is not found in valleys of peace and meekness, Justice is excavated deeply in mines of violence and blood.

And today, and possibly up to tomorrow, the ceremony of looting and arson has been celebrated.

Innocent young men who even when government changes it’s party colours will never ever step their feet or smell the opulence of state house have been charged, programmed and indocrinated to burn down the very offices that serve them.

Our institutions are all divided at the cheering of men we thought their calling is that of unifying us. People trust no police. Some trust no army. People trust no Commissioners at MEC. People trust no courts. People don’t trust nobody.

Well, peg it all on politics. Politics and power means jobs to the powerful. Politics and power means businesses. And these people will stop nowhere until they place their hands in goldmine of power and authority.

Sadly, the desperation of our young men has been made a key asset.

But politics has also factioned and homeginised our society. The very great minds can now think no more than politics.

The great minds of our society have also been indocrinated. They poke fun and smilingly post pictures of businesses of hardworking men and women being set on fire by young demonstrators.

And you wonder, what if courts will exonerate Dr. Jane Ansah? How much will we ever compansate her for the emotional torture?

What can be compromised? Because if she resigns, what changes?

What if her hands are clean? What will be the justification for the loss of property?

Do you defend rights by infringing on other people’s rights? The case of stealing a Bible to preach?

What value does her resignation give to the court case?

I feel the organisers of the demonstrations are entirely to blame for diving and taking advantage of us.

I mean if they cannot manage organising a peaceful demonstrations, it is only fair to wait for the conclusion of the court case. Otherwise I regard their tactics as intimidatory ploys.

Let courts do their job, and from their conclusion we can force out Jane Ansah from her job. Meanwhile, I feel they have a personal vendetta against her.

I also have in mind that the chairperson of the organisers, Timothy Mtambo, was the first one to endorse MEC’s results through MESN report. His signature is still on the report.

He himself has not resigned for endorsing the results he does not believe in.

Further, he was compromised as a human right defender when a leaked audio with a politician revealed he uses demonstrations to pursue his political interest. The video is still in public domain.

Nobody forced him to resign.

Fellow Malawians, if we don’t rethink on our understanding of politics, we will go nowhere. Property of hardworking Malawians who invested every penny and time they had will be looted.

All we can put our eyes at is on the decision for the courts. It will reveal evidence and unglove MEC’s hands.

Meanwhile all we are doing is what bad politics is about. We are wasting time we may not ever find again. When Jane Asah resigns, it is not like anything will change in us. We can change if our streets can be safe and calm, we still have to work.

Meanwhile, let business get back to normal. Malawians should freely move around town, buy and sell what they want, and sleep in peace. It is unequivocally a display of devotion to mob justice continuing this way for a person who is still only but a suspect..

And our energetic youth who will never ever be in government payroll can’t invest their focus on things that can change their situation.

No politician will ever bring enough food on the table of each one of us. And unless we stop to associate the tree of our economic fortune with the goodwill of politicians, we will move nowhere. Most of these people, frankly, are not angry with tippex or Jane Ansah, it is about high profile jobs and government businesses that would only benefit them that they are crying for. Nothing whatsoever for us.

5 Responses to "We Must Slow Down And Rethink On Our Understanding Of Politics"

  1. Galumtsukwa   July 5, 2019 at 10:57 am

    Much as I do not believe that there was rigging of any sort and Peter fairly won the elections I do believe that Jane Ansah conducted herself in a very unprofessional manner and she should resign. I think it was carelessness on her part to allow herself to pose for photos with DPP cadets at a time when the situation was still very volatile.
    Her position is held on trust and people have lost trust in her which means she no longer hold that position on trust and she pave way. Who can allow her to oversee another electoral process here in Malawi?
    The demonstrations we are witnessing now are a red card to the way MBC, Malawi Police Service and MEC conduct their businesses. The masses are happy with the soldiers but not with the police.
    A MEC warehouse was torched on the eve of recount of the votes in 2014 and up to date no one has been held to account for that arson. If the police and MEC had done their jobs the masses would have known that they are neutral and work by the rules. In that case it would not have been easy to sway the people’s belief into believing that both MEC and the police work for DPP.
    Peter should stop castigating the opposition leaders and behave like a president. The more he castigate Chakwera and Chilima the more the people’s resolve is cemented. Olira samugwira pakamwa.

  2. Jonah   July 5, 2019 at 11:44 am

    Truly people from my beloved country let’s love our country

  3. criminalizing democracy   July 5, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    this is plan b for the demonstrators frankly speaking these people know for sure that they will not win the court battle, definately they have been tipped by their law consultants that as apm put it already by requesting courts to withdraw the case as it has no enough vivid evidence to progress. even though the courts quashed that application great thinkers wondered why mcp had to make some changes to the previous application. is it a crime for jane to take photos with dpp members? didn’t she have one with chilima or chakwera? what if that photo is a mere IT expertise creating it for propanda purposes to justify their lies for crucifying jane? honestly these are bullying and intimidatory tactics deployed by mtambo, chilima, chakwera, mathanyula trapence, mateyu and pac to intoxicate us with their selfishness. they are sure they wont win this case for they don’t have enough evidence and their only hope is to implicate ansah, the iron leady, the true GOD fearing who sealed all the rigging loop holes to the amazement of all the tricky rigging stars. if ansah resigns through force she will then act as their witness and the only witness to rig the election through the courts. had it been they had evidence of rigging mtambo and pac wouldn’t have endorsed the elections and later on resorted to the streets. this is an intimidation to democracy: they are marching against simple majority choice and if olira samugwira pakamwa nanga ife ∆°me mukutiukira ndi kitionongera zinthu zathu were we wrong to go voting? human rights activists never text me nor tell me to go voting again in the future elections, i’m very very sorry to witness what my voting participation has led us into: innocent people losing their properties and lives because of few greedy fools who lost the elections. to hell with all this shit exercise.

  4. nambewe   July 5, 2019 at 4:29 pm

    Its amazing! I didn’t know that its part of being a good MEC chairman when you refuse to take photos with your fellow citizens!!! she explained in her interview that the winning party acosted her to take photo with her! I don’t see anything unprofessional in that but if your mind is already damaged you wont see outside your box. Ansah is being assessed by the court! if she is found guilty then the appropriate action should be taken. Why the hell do you worry about hounding your fellow Malawian like this? I have seen people from all the three parties beating fellow Malawians lying on the ground defenceless!!! Shame on Malawi! Shame on political leaders that still think they need to get to power by force. You are pulling the country back ! you should not be anywhere near the leadership!!! leave Malawi alone!!! you very selfish people!!!

  5. political demons   July 6, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    were mtambo and pac forced at gun point to scrible their signatures on mesn tally centre poll results? what about intoxicated, notorious saulo the mad muller, was he forced at gun point to accept the results in a statesmanship style that won many hearts and few days letter made a web entangled u-turn asking for jane’s head, demonizing his 20% voters making them go wild bayind for their innocent malawians blood. why are these people demonstrate violently, overtaking courts in finding innocent ansah guilty before competent court’s ruling? why did they seek justuce in the first place and latter own undermine it and resort to merceless destruction of their fellow hard won worthy? is there any need to proceed with the court case here? our worry is justice might be compromised by the bullying and intimidatory acts deployed by the complainants. chilima don’t think we are fools and we will never forgive you for the torture you are bringing to us. you are responsible for all these painful moments we are passing through and don’t think you will be praised for this trash. its disturbing for someone whose party had no representation in mec to start making noise attacking its chairperson. matama chilima sakuthandiza, enafe ndiye tayamba kutaya nawe chikhulupiliro moti 2024 umete mpando sudzaununkha, tudzaone ngati zugandanga zakozo zidzakuwinise. makape inu mumawatola ana a munthalika: kabwira makani onse aja anamuthera atakomana ndi mthamati, dictator m’busa wa masataniki lazalo, mkulu waziwanda za dyera ndimpando wautsogoleri, zatsankho, zokuswa mashop, zonyera mmaofesi aboma, etc. wasala iwe saulo udzakomana nazo tsiku lina. ana amuthalika mumawatola chifukwa ndi odekha, ma true demicrats, opanda dyera ndi mpando wa utsogoleri: bingu ataphedwa ndi apac, amabungwe ndi jb sanalore kugwiritsidwa ntchito kulanda mpando wadziko komanso kukokerana mpando wa leader of opposition ndi otembo. you are taking advantage of this to create a power vacuum but, your friend is a great scholar. he is the only presudent who is not scared of ekections: from party convention to general elections unlike chilima and chakwera who have proved to be jittery at elections. ife tinavota owina anapezeka. zinazi mziwanda zachamba ndi mowa zomwe zimawalankhulira atsogoleri odzikonda okhawa!!!!!


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