Malawi Car Importers and Traders to Access Goods at Mbeya Dry Port…Distance to be Reduced by 900 km

By Leonard Masauli in Kasumulu, Tanzania

Mashimba signing the visitors book at songwe border post PIC Leonard Masauli MANA

Malawi car importers and other traders will no longer have to travel to Dar es Salaam to access their goods as the Tanzanian Government is making an initiative to improve Mbeya Cargo Dry Port to cut the distance short.

Senior Customs Officer at Kasumulu Border, Majaliwa Ndukutu, revealed the initiative on the sidelines of a visit by Tanzania Commissioner to Malawi on Monday, last week.

Ndukutu said the Tanzanian Government would soon improve Mbeya Port to allow some goods from Dar es Salaam to be accessed there.

 Car importers and traders travel about 1,000 kilometers from Lilongwe to Dar es Salaam to receive their goods and other export services while from Lilongwe to Mbeya City, it is 565 kilometers.

Commenting on the initiative, Tanzania Commissioner to Malawi, Benedicto Martin Mashimba said the development will help the traders to save money.

“Business is about making profits and people used to travel a long distance to reach Dar es Salaam which was very expensive on their part.

“Once the Mbeya Cargo Dry Port is done, it will help the people to save money and make profits because Mbeya will be closer than Dar es Salaam,” said Mashimba.

District Commissioner for Karonga, Emmanuel Bulukutu commended the Mbeya Cargo Initiative, saying it will be cost-effective to traders.

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