Mybucks Launches Cashpendendence Promotion

Mkandawire in the middle flanked by other seniors from MyBucks Banking Corporation

In a bid to join Malawians in celebrating 55 years of independence, the Malawi’ commercial bank, MyBucks on Monday launched cashpendence Promotion.

Chief commercial officer , Bernard Mkandawire told a news conference at its Bank headquarters that the grand price for the promotion is K2Million.

Mkandawire said prior to the grand prize the Bank will disburse K500, 000 to a lack winner every month, K200, 000 to 2 lucky winners and 3 customers will amase K50,000 each. 

Explaining on the mechanism of the Promotion, Mkandawire said one should deposit and maintain a minimum of K20,000 into the their savings account and keep it for one month.

He said on the other hand, a customer should maintain a minimum of K200, 000 in their savings account for three months. 

New customers have also been taken care of and will be legible for the promotion.

“This promotion ends on 30 September and the ultimate grand prize is a whooping two Million Malawi Kwachas,” He said.

MyBucks is driven by continuous FinTech product development and enhancement, expansion into new African markets and growth through strategic acquisitions.

As a globally recognised virtual bank, MyBucks is both a disruptive and enabling force in the international financial landscape, breaking down the barriers of traditional banking and pioneering true financial inclusion.

With its brands GetBucks, GetSure, New Finance Bank, Fair Go finance, Capfin, Opportunity Bank,  the company offers impact loans, unsecured credit, banking solutions as well as insurance products to customers.

MyBucks offers financial services and products such as impact loans, unsecured credit, banking solutions and insurance products via innovative financial technology.

MyBucks was the first African FinTech company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. 

The company is also listed on Malawi Stock Exchange.

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