Confused and surprised: MCP lawyers leaving the court after a frustrating session

Apart from withdrawing the recounting submission, the court ordered MCP to resubmit it’s paperwork on the whole case because most of the documents do not make sense. Last time they were ordered to resubmit because the paperwork was incompetently submitted, including submitting a poorly signed petition.

This is the second time MCP has been told to go back to the drawing board to re-submit its paperwork. The judges sounded very frustrated with Opposition paperwork doesn’t make sense.

The Court told MCP that “This is your case. You brought it to us. Bring us documents that the Court and the other lawyers can read.”

The Court also told MCP/UTM lawyers that “Tell your masters that the case has delayed because we submitted poor paperwork”.


Oops!MCP Vitz packed with bogus elections documents

One Response to "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED IN COURT: Case Not Going Well For MCP"

  1. Capetown   June 27, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Agwanayo as such sounded, these MCP/utm are worsting their time, clinging on bare bone.

    The parties movement started in the time Grace Tchinga was about to die as she revealed that they want to form the party of “Tears and Blood”. Seriously there is someone supporting this trashes behind( fake prophet bushiri). So knowing that mayi cashgate could not manage to succeed in that past election accodance to what she did,they umbrellaed the front with lazalo in the name of MCP.

    Because all in all they can’t hung on what they dont have a proof about election rigging. And to Court coming with un finished documents that are also soundless.


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