Dr Jane Ansah Destroys Opposition Propaganda

An advert prior to the much touted “exclusive” interview

Justice Dr Jane Ansah dealt decisively with the Zodiak amateur propagandists on a Monday evening much touted “exclusive” interview.

What started as a beautiful day ended up as a black Monday for Zodiak Media. Joab Frank Chakhaza was the evil hyena sent to the slaughterhouse for destruction.

Zodiak, together with UTM, MCP and the HRDC propagandists set out the interview to further destroy the image of Dr Ansah. Armed with the truth on her side, Dr Ansah embarrassed a truckload of opposition propagandists who were hoping for a worse outcome for her.

Attacks against Dr Ansah were kicked off by Chakwera on the first day of vote counting on the 22nd of May. Since then, the whole MCP, UTM, and HRDC brigade unleashed the biggest disinformation campaign against Dr Ansah.

Zodiak was hoping that they are going to get her and finally finish her off. But Chakhaza, and the whole clique of propagandists led by Billy Mayaya, Onjezani Kenani, Henry Kachaje, Chilima, Chakwera, and Mtambo did not see their proverbial destruction coming.

To expose their bias, from the first question, Zodiak asked questions that were directed at validating the social media rumours they planted.

A few minutes into the interview, Dr Ansah started giving out basic lessons about the law to Chakhaza who seemed unprepared. She took over the interview on the fifth minute. Chakaza, by then knew that UTM, MCP propaganda had failed!

What followed in the interview was more embarrassment for Chakhaza and Zodiak. The script and line of questioning ranged from questions sourced from Facebook posts, Chilima and Chakwera’s press statements.

Ironically, when Chakhaza got to Chilima’s statements – Dr Ansah exposed the fact that she has formally responded to Chilima, but Chilima did not leak the responses by MEC to him as he did the initial letter.

Chakaza was edgy; his discomfort and frustration could be heard as he struggled to ask some questions. In some instances, he tried a cheap propaganda trick of putting words into Dr Ansah’s mouth, and she calmly corrected him, reminding him that all her addresses are public record, he needs to go and review the recordings to know what happened.

The worst shameless question by Chakhaza was about the Court Injunction. Chakhaza wanted to force propaganda that the MEC rushed the announcement of results. He asked Dr Ansah “if the MCP saw the injunction judgement before she announced the results.”

Joab Chakhaza, it was the MCP lawyers who went to court to get an injunction against the MEC. Were the MCP lawyers not in court for the judgement to represent their client, Chakwera? Why would MEC be responsible for sending the judgement (which was public) to MCP?

In his pathetic desperation, Chakhaza then demanded that Dr Ansah share the judgement with him. But the copy of the Judgement is a PDF document which was already circulating in public. This calls for a question if Chakhaza a journalist or a cheap amateur propagandist.

In the space of one hour, Chakhaza asked Dr Ansah three times if she is going to resign, at some point trying to question her competence. Why would a “journalist” ask that question three times if not for propaganda purposes?

If anyone asked me, I would say that the interview was a disaster for Zodiak. Zodiak wanted to use the interview to legitimise the MCP/UTM disinformation campaign against Dr Jane Ansah. He also tried to use it as a launchpad of the next attack of demonising Dr Ansah, especially around the resignation calls.

The same Zodiak that was badgering Dr Ansah about resignation has never asked the biggest Ghost Worker Chilima to resign. MCP and UTM thugs have conducted property destruction worth a billion, but Zodiak and the propaganda media have never asked them a single question.

When media veers from its reporting standards to run propaganda, the embarrassment that Zodiak suffered happens. Thanks to Dr Jane Ansah for exposing the level of ignorance in the newsrooms, and the hypocrisy harboured by these so-called journalists.

Dr Ansah remains our great hero! Thank you for exposing and destroying the cheap opposition propaganda.

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  1. Hussein   June 26, 2019 at 2:34 pm

    it was really embarrassing for ZBS and the opposition parties. Bravo Dr Ansah

  2. william chisale   June 28, 2019 at 7:29 pm

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